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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yep! Five months old...time for a check of our stats!

Nicknames: Bubba, Squishy Boy
Weight: 14.6 lbs.
Height: 24 1/2"
Favorite Foods: Unfortunately, still just formula!
Tricks I can do: Stick out my tongue, Hold myself up when I'm on my belly, hold my toys and pass them from hand to hand, pull the chain on my Fisher Price seat that makes the music play, Roll over from my belly to my back and ALMOST from my back to my belly!
My mom would say....that I have the cutest smile and that I am so happy when she comes to get me out of my crib in the morning. She says I'm the strongest boy and I will probably be the first one to walk. She says I am going to be a little fish someday if I keep practicing how to swim!
My dad would say...that he loves to hear me giggle when he tries to kiss my neck. He says I laugh a lot. He says I look so handsome with all my hair, especially when I'm wearing footie pajamas. He would say that I'm the best eater of the three of us!
I now prefer to sleep on my side! Not my back and not my belly...and I will turn myself around and around in my crib while remaining on my side! Pretty strange huh? Also, I JUST started finally sleeping without the "elevated pillow" in my crib which helped me not to spit up so much!
**Also, my lip is still healing, but I love it! It makes me smile when people tell me how handsome I am. :) I will have my next surgery to fix my palate when I'm about a year old!

Nicknames: Tank, Big Boy
Weight: 16.5 lbs.
Height: 24 3/4"
Favorite Foods: Like my brother, just formula.
Tricks I can do....Stick out my tongue, roll over from my belly to my back (though I just learned how to do this finally!), pull the chain on my Fisher Price seat that makes the music play, Hold my toys, pass them from hand to hand.
My mom would say....that I am the biggest boy and that I am always happy to see her when she gets me out of my crib. She would say that I laugh and giggle the most and that I am a brave boy (like when she dunked me under water in the swimming pool). She would say that I don't like tummy time (because I don't). She would say that I am a good natured baby and not much makes me unhappy!
My dad would say....that I love everything! He would say that I sometimes drive everybody crazy when I won't sit still to eat my bottle. He would say that I look so cute in my PJ's and that I am a good sleeper! He tells me I am getting lots more hair!
I can make "razzberry" sounds with my lips and blow bubbles! Everybody thinks it's so funny when I do it and I think it's funny when big people make funny faces at me!
Nicknames: Peanut, June Bug
Weight: 11.4 lbs.
Height: 22 1/2"
Favorite Foods: Formula. (but my mom let me lick a plum she was eating the other day and I kinda liked it!)
Tricks I can do: Stick out my tongue, hold my toys, hold myself up when I'm in my Bumbo seat, pull the chain on my Fisher Price seat that makes the music play, I'm still working on rolling over. I will look at you when you call out my name!
My mom would say....that I am her tiny princess and that I look just like her! She says I make the cutest little sister and that I will be tough growing up with two big brothers. She says I have such a cute smile and that I love to have my feet up in the air when I lie on my back. She says I am a happy baby and that I am the best sleeper (at naptime and bedtime!)
My dad would say...that I am his little girl (he calls me Little Ami) and that I will never have boyfriends because he and my brothers won't let them in the house. He says I'm like a little doll and he loves to come get me out of my crib! He says he's glad I'm little like mommy and not little like daddy. :)
My mom told me about a famous girl named Hunter who was a soap opera star and a supermodel (Her name is Hunter Tylo). So I have been practicing my supermodel pose. No matter whether I'm eating, sleeping, relaxing, or whatever, I always put both of my hands behind my head! My mom said she is going to put up a whole blog entry just about my poses!

That's all friends! Look for new entries coming soon...


Jen said...

Thanks for the update! Those are some of my favorite pictures so far. What smart, beauiful babies you are!

Stephanie said...

I really enjoyed reading this section! They are getting so big. Dakota enjoys looking at them too!!!

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