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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Troop Bunch is mobile again!

This past weekend was yet another busy one for the Bunchkins and their parents! Though we had made a trek up to the Valley a few weeks ago to meet some of our Phoenix family, there were still many other friends and family we had yet to introduce the babies to! So, we packed our bags and our babies and headed once again for lovely Chandler!

As a joint effort by Gramma and Grampa Bunch, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Steve and Aunt Linda Yarbrough, (and probably several others) we brought the babies to an open house. Yes, an open house, because that's what we had all decided to call it. But you know, when you make a long drive, you have time to think. And suddenly "open house" just didn't seem like the right term. (kind of like when you stare at a word for too long, suddenly it just doesn't look right. ) Sounded like someone was trying to sell a house. What about a "viewing?" Nope. Sounds like someone died. A "meet and greet?" Nope. Images of 30 somethings with martinis speed dating come to mind. A "shower?" No, because we did not want gifts. Sigh...I'm sure this is why we decided to call it an open house from the start! After all, the house is open to people to come and go!

Though still, with hours left in our drive, and as part of my ploy to keep Brian from thinking of anything other than how bad every other driver in North America is, we kept discussing our upcoming "open house." What would it be like? Would we set the babies in their little chairs nicely lined up and people would walk by them and keep going, much like a receiving line at a wedding? Would we strategically place the babies somewhere so that people could gawk at them much like you do caged animals at a zoo? OF COURSE NOT! And we knew all this already. But it was still funny to ponder! We knew full well there would be hands-a-plenty wanting to hold our little Bunchkins! After all, this was going to be a group of people who had been following the journey from the beginning as well and praying for the babies' safe arrival into this world!

We were excited to finally bring them out to play! Brian's Uncle Steve and Aunt Linda (they are his godparents) and two people I am lucky to now have in my life, offered to host this wonderful event at their home, which we greatly appreciate! If you were there, it was SO nice to see you and please know how much it means to Brian and me that you would care enough to come over to meet our pride and joy x3. (And if you brought a gift, SHAME on you!) You'll recall from the paragraph above, we specifically did not call it a "shower!" :) Nonetheless, we do thank you for the generosity. It is because of all the wonderful people in our lives, that we have STILL not had to buy a single pack of diapers, wipes or formula! Seriously. We are blessed and we thank you so much.

Most importantly, I tried to get at least one picture of everyone who came to meet the babies, but I definitely failed! So if you were here and I missed you, I'M SORRY and I still appreciate you!

**As you can see, one little Bunchkin (Ethan) partied a little too hard, and had a little too much formula to drink. Thank goodness Aunt Lala let him crash in her crib which she readily has available for her own grandbabies! Thanks Aunt Lala!
(And yes, Ethan is sleeping on his stomach! (GASP!) Let me just say that next Friday we have appointments at HANGER orthotics to have all 3 babies evaluated for Cranial Helmets because their poor noodles are SO flat and mishapen from being crammed in my stomach and now sleeping on their backs! (poor Ethan weighs 15 pounds, 9 of which I'm pretty sure are his head!!)
So what I'm getting at here, is yes, I am completely aware of the SIDS risks, and am fully supportive of the "Back to Sleep" movement for nighttime sleeping when I can't be awake enough to check on them every five minutes. But really...I'm 32 years old and am a survivor of the "Bellies to Bed" movement of the 70's and I turned out fine. I think. :)

Thanks for coming everybody! It was nice to meet you all!
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