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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Floating Bunchkins!

Once again, I am back-tracking and trying to get caught up with some of our most exciting life events. One of which was our first time in the swimming pool! Ok fine. The jacuzzi. But when you're only 4 months old, the jacuzzi FEELS as big as a swimming pool! So technically, I suppose we did not actually make it to the pool yet, but it was just so cold! It's much easier and faster to just heat the jacuzzi for a little bit to cut the chill! Nonetheless, we were ready, bathing suits and all! Thank you to Auntie Valerie for the bathing suits! They were absolutely perfect! Especially little Hunter's! Seriously, the girl is so tiny and yet, after just taking the straps in a little bit, it fit her perfectly!

Nevertheless, our opinions about the day can pretty much be summed up like this:
Colton loved it.
Hunter tolerated it.

Ethan was so tired he couldn't even think about enjoying it.
But "try, try again" has always been our motto, so look out babies, next time, we learn the backstroke!
What cute, pudgy little boys we have!

Mom and Colton, 1st born, 1st to try out new things..

Classic Dad...capturing it all on camera!
Mom, Gramma and The Floating Bunchkins

Ethan: "When is swim time over? I'm pretty much ready for my nap."
Colton: " Is someone going to put shampoo in my hair soon? "
Hunter: "Why do I ALWAYS have to be in the middle?"

Piper, Uncle Jim and Brian

Seriously, I LOVE his "jowely" cheeks. (Sarah, add that word to my bank). He looks like a little bulldog!
Hunter and Me
Auntie Valerie and Ethan. Ok seriously, I've never seen anything so funny. Ethan started to get fussy in the water, so Auntie Val offered to take him out. I kid you not. She maybe got ten steps out of the jacuzzi and he had fallen asleep. And I mean CRASHED. Poor little dude!

And ahh...there's our little Petunia! I just love her!
However, much to Brian's dismay, his then barely 4 month old daugher had already learned to give hickeys. Dear God. Yep, Gramma was just holding her, sort of cradle style, and could feel her nuzzling her arm, not realizing the extent of the "nuzzle." :)

That's all folks! Coming soon to our blog:
-My favorite items as a mother of multiples
-Our 4 month shots at the Pediatrician's
-A new regular column written by my awesome husband...I'll save his catchy title for him!

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The Smelkers said...

They are so cute and growing so fast! How could you not call me when you needed help? OMG! I feel terrible! I still haven't met them in person yet! OK, that's it. I will be calling you by Tuesday at the latest. (My final project is due tomorrow by midnight.)I am coming to visit this week!

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