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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Now I know my ABC's :)

In case you were wondering how we'd ever remember who was born first, 2nd and 3rd, we now have little jumpers to remind us! Thanks to our cousin Jenna for these adorable outfits! As you can see, a couple of chubby boys I know might be nearing the end of their days fitting into their little triplet-suits!( At which time, mom just might make them into Shirts....hmmm... the possibilities!)

Anyway, I realize that all the pictures below look JUST like the one before it, but I can't help myself....I think they're ALL cute! So enjoy our completely unofficial photo shoot. I think i'll invest in a nice camera someday...
Baby A-Colton
Baby B-Hunter
Baby C-Ethan

COLTON, the Love

HUNTER, the Fiesty
ETHAN, the chill


Mary said...

For those who have not seen a baby picture of Ami, Hunter is the spitting image of her! So weird...Ami will have to post a baby picture of herself.

Anonymous said...

Those are about the cutest I've seen so far! Hunter is absolutely beautiful and the boys are handsome as ever!! Nice work Ami!!
Jenn W.

Adam and Samantha said...

oh my gosh, they are so cute! I can't believe how big they are already!!

Jen said...

Oh how I miss those sweet little babies!!! I hope you're all doing great. Hugs to all!

jrcoffey said...

LOVE them. I need to come snuggle with them in their "ABC'S" before they grow out of them.... :)

Fisher Family said...

They are getting soooooo big! And Mary, Billy and I were just commenting how much Miss Hunter looks like her mommy: )
Love those lil Bunchkins Mr. and Mrs. Bunch!!!

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