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Friday, June 19, 2009

It's our 5 year anniversary!

My goodness...a lot can change in 5 years...we got married, moved to Queen Creek, got a dog and a cat, moved back to Tucson, lost a cat, gained two more cats, got new jobs, new cars, tried to have a baby, tried again to have a baby, gave up trying to have a baby. HAD 3 BABIES! And every moment was worth it-good and bad because they all got us to where we are today...

For our 1 year anniversary....we went to DISNEYLAND and had bottles of wine at California Adventure!

For our 5 year anniversary....we went to Target and had a Starbucks....with 3 babies. :)

Since having 3 babies, and losing an income, we have to be a little wiser about what we spend money on. So....typically, Brian and I would each buy the other person 4 cards to open for our anniversary (costing approximately $30-40). So this year, we created a NEW tradition! We decided that we would go to Target together and still pick out cards for each other. But instead of actually buying them, we would just give them to each other right there and then put them back on the shelf! :) How cheap can we be?? And yet, that's totally Brian's and my humor. So here we are, on our 5th anniversary enjoying the cards we didn't buy each other!

These are the two cards Brian picked out for me!

And these are the two that I picked out for him!

But the best part of my anniversary was having chai tea with my husband, daughter and 2 sons!! IT'S STILL SO WEIRD TO SAY THAT!

The best little gift I ever got...

You didn't think I'd leave these two little gifts out, did you?

Ethan hit the bottle pretty hard for our anniversary so he should be out cold for the rest of the night....
Yup. He is.


Jen said...

Gives it a whole new meaning to "Happy" Anniversary. Maybe I'll just wish you a "Best Anniverary!" Congratulations and many more to come.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of going to Target and reading the cards. Hallmark makes way too money anyways!! You guys are so blessed!! Hope you had a wonderful day and many more to come!!
Jenn W.

kershner3 said...

Matt loves the card idea! I guess I won't be getting anymore cards.
Congratulations on 5 wonderful years! We had 3 kids before our
5th anniversary, too!

Anabelle said...

You mean to tell me that the best part of your anniversary wasn't having Oregano's take out with us girls & Jaxon? Seriously!
Still can't believe you have 3 kids... that are the SAME age! Who'd have thunk? Happy anniversary!

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