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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Bunchkins and their Bumbos!

We Bunches are busy little babies you know. We've mastered tummy time. We've mastered the bouncy seats, the swings, the Boppy Pillows, Etc., Etc. To the point in fact where each one of those things has become a regular part of every day! Well, as any teacher will tell you, routine is good for kids. They like to know what to expect. But today, we busted out with somethine new and exciting! (More exciting for the adults watching than the babies, I'm sure, but that's ok.) We pulled out the Bumbo seats! Plop, plop, plop! In they each go....and what did we get? The Bunchkin Bobble-head babies! :)

Oh my gosh, they were SO stinking cute! I'll be honest, I threw away the boxes months ago, so I really didn't even know if they were developmentally appropriate for 12 week old babies or not, but we didn't see the harm in it! If anything, it was another opportunity for them to practice holding their heads upright and strengthening those little necks! (I have since looked up when to begin using the Bumbos and they state that babies as young as 8 weeks can benefit from them.) So anyway, Ethan LOVED it and actually fit quite nicely. Little Hunter is probably still a little too small, as her posture didn't seem quite right and her head seemed the heaviest for her. Colton was a tad slouchy at first, but quickly got the hang of it. Anyway, we thought the pictures were too funny not to share so here they are! Have a good laugh. On us! :)

Whoa...what kind of strange contraptions are these?

Colton is so ready for kindergarten...look at that hand raised again as if to say,
"Umm, aunt Mary, something doesn't feel quite right here...could I get a little help?"
Ethan: "YES! I did it!"
Hunter: "Would you please stop screaming in my ear?"
Colton: "Hey this isn't so bad.."

Hey! Where'd my friends go? We were just starting to have fun! Guys? Anyone?

"Ok, so this is different.."

"Hmm...I think maybe I'm doing it right."

"Oh goody! The adults are smiling at me...I must be doing something right.."
"Hee hee...I'm so proud of me!"
"Whoa, what in the world is this weird space seat?"

"I think I'm stuck..."

"Maybe I'll just peek at Colton to see how he's doing in his weird space seat..."

"Well, I don't know, he looks pretty good...maybe I am doing it right..."
"Ok! I finally got my head up a little! Not bad!"
"Hey now...my head's too heavy for this I think..."

"Huh...maybe it's not..."

"Well I'll be! I think I'm doing it!"
"That's right...I'm the baby man!"


Mary said...

That was the highlight of my day for sure, being there and now seeing the pics! I can't stop laughing...how do you come up with those captions?? : )

Anabelle said...

Can these babies get any cuter? I mean really! I LOVE all of the pictures and the captions are hilarious! I have had a good laugh

jrcoffey said...

Such loves... You had me laughing first thing this morning. Can't wait to see those cuties - this fall :) Love you!

Adam and Samantha said...

That was a good laugh! There little faces were so cute trying to figure out what to do!! Ethan was even laughing at the babies, although he calls all babies Malia, he's a little confused!

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