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Monday, December 8, 2008

We meet again! (It's been so long!) :)

Well, finally it seems I have a minute to do a quick update at the very least! Sorry to have neglected my blogging duties! I've missed you all! So here's what's new in the Bunch Household:

1. I am 18 weeks pregnant! Hooray!
2. I am getting fat! (No stretch marks yet....keep those fingers crossed!) I'm pretty sure I have Curel's Life Stages Pregnancy cream with Collagen, Elastin, Vitamin E, etc. in in to thank for that! Maybe if I plug them, they'll see this and give me a lifetime supply! Hmm...one can hope!
3. My husband's new nickname for me is "Belly." At least it's not "Booty" or "Fatty"! He likes my belly and loves to talk to his three boys!
4. I have gained 22.8 pounds to date! Woo hoo! (Again, see #2 above.) I'm trying to get to a gain of 35 in the next two weeks...anyone care to join me for an ice cream or four?
5. I cannot paint my toenails anymore unless I manage some serious acrobatic moves which I'm pretty sure cannot be good for the babies!
6. I'm pretty sure my sons may be taking after my acrobatic moves because all day long I feel them doing cartwheels in there! :)
7. At their last check-up, the doctor said they were very "well behaved and cooperative little boys!" They did everything the doctor wanted them to in order for him to get good looks at their little hearts!
8. I am starting to freak out about not teaching kindergarten anymore after this semester ends on December 18. :( No kinder funnies, no paycheck, no life??)
9. I love being pregnant! I often pinch myself to be sure I will not wake up to a different life. :)
10. I love my friends who have loaned me maternity clothes! Anabelle and Leigh, you rock! You are saving me BOAT-LOADS of money! I love you!!
11. Registering for baby stuff was quite taxing! But SO Fun!! (Fun, but hard not knowing what to really expect with three tiny babies!) **See the pictures of my Target Registering experience below....I have not actually made it to Babies R' Us yet, but I will...
12. I have the best friends and family around...Thank you all for making this pregnancy so fun and for all the wonderful gifts and for making sure I eat all day long (Charlotte) and drink enough water (Mom). I honestly doubt I could do this without all of you!

I'll add another belly pic tomorrow, but for now, here's my Target experience with my sister and my mom!

Mary, Mom and Me
Literally, it takes only minutes before Mary, (aka. "My Boss" takes over...Do you see how she just took that scanner gun right outa my hand??) :) Actually it was Ok. I was still reeling from my newly acquired math information....1 box of 104 diapers will last me at best, 4 days!!!! OMG!

Nope, not just looking at items on the bottom shelf...seriously exhausted and legitimately sitting on a disgusting public floor!

There's mom to pull me back up in a minute!

Aaahh! Now that's what I'm talking about! Thank goodness for this marketing strategy! Put the glider, fully assembled, out on display and all the pregnant girls will try it and buy it! (Or at least take a 10 minute cat-nap on it!)

Ok, that's all for now! I'll add more pics tomorrow!


Denise said...

Hey Ami!!!
Just wanted to say that I am soo happy for you and your boys. And it was nice to finally meet your husband when he was here with dad. I have been asking about you quite a bit and mom has been good at keeping me up to date. Can't wait to see pics of your baby boys. Take care.

Audrey said...

diaper coupons will be your friends. Can't wait to see "THE BELLY" pic.

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