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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving!

This is the WHOLE Family! (Hardly...but this is who was here!)
Back Row: Mom Daniels, Auntie Val, Aunti Kim, Emilio, Mary and Dad Daniels
Middle Row: Brian, Dad Bunch, Kristen, Ami +3, Kirby, Mom Bunch
Front Row: Rocco, Piper
Well, you know so much about Brian and me, (probably more than you ever needed or wanted to know...) so here are some pictures of our extended families! (Some of them!) These pictures are from Thanksgiving this year! What a wonderful day it was....raining hard all day long, windows in the house open enough to let in the cool breeze and smell of rain and an evening filled with FAMILY! For the second year, Brian's family drove into town to spend the holiday weekend with us and we all went to my mom and dad's house! Mary, & Emilio and Rocco the Bulldog joined us as well as Auntie Valerie and Auntie Kim! As usual, it was a relaxing, fun evening and one in which I had much more to be thankful for than usual...My goal was to gain at least 5 pounds this Turkey weekend and by the time the night had ended I had reached 118.4 pounds! (Not quite 5 extra pounds, but close...) But today, I hit an all time high! 119 pounds! For the first time in my life, I could actually donate blood, (if, of course I weren't pregnant with triplets!) Aahh...to live in a world where I am literally the only one trying to pack on calories while everyone around me is trying to avoid them! Let me tell ya, being pregnant with 3 babies is not easy when you're little like me! It's an absolute must that I gain a certain amount of weight and frankly, my belly is running out of room! This Thanksgiving, it honestly hurt!! But, I refuse to complain! I am so grateful for every ache, pain, & headache that comes my way! I've waited a long time for this! So anyhoo...I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving....

This is the Daniels/Montes/Bunch Family:
L to R: Piper, Brian, Ami +3, my mom, my dad, sister mary, bro-in-law Emilio
and Rocco!
This is the Bunch Family:
L to R: Brian, Ami, sister Kristen, his mom, his dad, and Kirby!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Well one of these years we should join forces...cuz Brian's Aunt and Uncle Ross come down to Tucson for turkey too! You'd think we'd be better at this living in the same city thing??!!
The nursery is coming along for sure! And I'm excited for the plaid - that's what I voted for!

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