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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The nursery comes along!

So my super duper handy-man husband has been hard at work in the nursery! He has painted both colors we had picked out (which you do not see in these pictures...I'll update that this weekend) and will be installing the chair rail and crown molding this weekend! Yippee! Here are a few pictures of work in progress! As you can see, Piper was a big help as well. She was literally inches from my face in hopes of savoring the last drops of my bowl of soup!

(Above): The lower half was painted a darker tan, the top half is a lighter tan, and where you see the blue tape in the middle is where the chair rail will go.

Brian hard at work, taping away!

Piper watching carefully to make sure my soup does not get up and walk away.

Seriously, could she stare any harder?

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