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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Graduation Day! Hooray!

Well, today was a big day in the Bunch Household! We officially had our last appointment at our Fertility (oh yeah, IN-fertility) Doctor's office! (And I am oddly a little sad about that!) Although I would say it's safe to say, we have moved to the FERTILITY side of that fence now! :) We have graduated from the first trimester and will now be placed into another doctor(s) care so that we can grow and hatch these babies the best we can! Oh my goodness! I feel like we just got dumped on a stranded island to fend for ourselves! As annoying as it was at times having to go their office sometimes twice a week, I grew to find it somewhat comforting...But we got one last look at our little "alphabet" on their ultrasound machine (yes...it was back to the wand)....and the babies were almost too big for their screen! Aaahh! 57 mm...little chunkers! (Which equates to about 2 inches!) The pictures are very dark this week so I'm not going to post them, but they are doing well! I am, however, posting the three Babies' diplomas certifying their graduation from the first trimester! Ok, so they're not from the Doctor's office like I had imagined, but they came from the heart....the heart of their Auntie Kristen! I will be sure to keep them in a safe place! And now, let's talk about the really good news....NO MORE SHOTS!! Did you hear that? NO MORE SHOTS! Auntie Val?? Anabelle?? You're off the hook! Woo hoo! Mom, you can officially start EATING your fruit again and quit poking it all to death! Your call to duty never came...But thanks for being ready at a moment's notice. :) I hope you can all feel good about yourselves knowing that you contributed to the positive growth of three tiny babies! And now, the rest of you, I'd like you to all go do a shot for me! (The kind you can drink, not the kind that pokes!) :) So anyway, folks, that's all for tonight!


Jen said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Happy Graduation Day! I know they all graduated with honors :) And for sure, way to go Mom & Dad!!!! You have been such a pillar of strength. Congratulations Bunch Family!!!!!!

Auntie Val said...

Congratulations! The Bunch Family graduates with flying colors..and the best news of all for Ami's little hiney is NO MORE SHOTS!!! Mommy was so very brave and courageous through it all, but that poor little pin cushion was running out of dart space...I am so happy for you both..and Brian, I love the ABC theme for the nursery..Awesome...Love ya guys, Auntie

Anabelle said...

Yippee!! We are so happy this day has FINALLY come! It has been long over do. Can we go triplet baby shopping now?!?

Anonymous said...

Youhoo!!! Onward and upward. Soooo happy for the Bunch Bunch. Can't wait to find out what each one is. Im keeping my eye out for anything ABC!
Love from your "favorite auntie D"

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