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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A belly full of babies!

This is my 11 week, 1 day belly pic!Ok, so maybe it's getting a little bigger....whatever. And I even threw up once today! Not bad! Aside from that, clearly my posture could use a little work. Who knew? It's so rare that we take pictures of ourselves from a side view...i'll work on that this week. :)
11 Weeks, 1 day....A belly full of babies indeed!
Also, for your pure entertainment, I have included some pictures of my Auntie Val, who stepped up to the plate to give me my shots while my hubby was away trying to "catch" an Elk as we like to say! As I mention in the entry below this one, giving the shots has gotten MUCH harder! Poor Auntie gets that inch and a half needle in and then has to try with all her Popeye strength to actually depress the plunger, even switching hands in between, because it's so hard and tiring. I know she feels bad for me and my bum, but I always felt much worse for her...So as you can see, she resorted to simply playing "darts" on my butt. Fortunately she has pretty good aim! She gets points for resourcefulness no doubt! And just so we're clear, this pregnancy seems to have given my family new reason to lovingly mock the "slightly larger appetite" I seem to have. So I'd just like to include this picture of my mom's after dinner treat...a bowl of coffee ice cream, with fresh strawberries, bananas, walnuts AND chocolate syrup!! Maybe she's just having sympathy desserts with me, right?? :)

This picture should have posted after the next one, but I uploaded them in the wrong order! This is Auntie taking the needle out AFTER she threw the dart!
And THIS is the actual dart throwing episode! Look at that bravery on my face....and look at the pure enjoyment on hers....hey, I don't think that's very nice. :)
And This is the dessert I speak of above.... :)

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Adam and Samantha said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting, but I am so dang excited for you! Your going to be a great mom to your 3 little babies! You definitely deserve your 3 little miracles! I hope everything continues to go well, we will definitely keep you in our prayers!!

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