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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Almost Graduation....

11 WEEKS, 1 DAY old
This is Baby C. He is lying on his back, looking up. His head is on the left and his little body goes over the the right. You can maybe see a little right hand near the head....
This is Baby B. (below) He is looking down. His head appears on the left side and his little body is over on the right with his little legs curled up in the"fetal position." Ahhh... seems so appropriate now!
This is Baby A. (below) He is looking down also, but his head is on the right side and his body is over to the left. Could be a little hand there near the face...This is how he landed after a few twirls... :)
And now, my weekly saga.....

Ok, so as the nurse as the doctor's office puts it, I'm SO close to graduating! At a fertility clinic, (or is it an IN-fertility clinic?) graduation is roughly 12 weeks! Completion of the first trimester! Woo hoo! In my excitement and pride I can't help but wonder if I'll get a diploma? Or three? Will I miss coming in for weekly ultrasounds? Will I miss handing over my arm every week so that my favorite nurse can ever so lovingly take my blood? Will I miss the fact that when I go to their office, I really think I'm their favorite patient because they all know us by name? (Really, that just means we had a VERY hard time getting pregnant, but let me roll with it...) Either way, graduation is near, and right now I'm think I'm going to graduate with honors!

Today, Brian and I once again saw three tiny acrobats...er, babies. I'm trying to decide what it is I eat in the day that makes them so wiggly! Maybe there is something to this whole "health food" kick everybody talks about....sheesh. Who knew? Now, just so we're clear, when I refer to these little critters, I will refer to them as 'he'. That does not mean they are all 'he'. We just don't know yet, and I don't feel it's very motherly to refer to my tiny babies as "he-shes" . So there they are: A- who was so excited to see us that he was sort of doing flips! And then B...in a slightly more precarious position but still extremely photogenic. And little C. (Who is not really little C anymore) was squirming away. I think maybe he just feels sad that he always gets his picture taken last. Ah, sibling rivalry...But there they are. Ready to graduate themselves. All 42 mm and looking good!

But, we're never without torment and conflict in our lives...and so here it is. Sadly, the bigger they get, the more threat they cause to eachother. Unfortunately, my uterus is not huge. ("Beautiful" maybe, right Charlotte?, but not huge.) And that is not a warm, cozy environment for 3 babies. Sure it's fine when they're the size of small limes, but not as cozy when they grow into small kittens. So, the stress has not left us yet and likely will not ever.

Either way, they are the cutest little babies I have ever seen...and I'll be honest, when I leave the exam room and go up front to make my appt. for the following week, I can't help but "accidentally-on purpose" wave my 3 pictures around for all the others in the waiting room to see. I'm really not trying to flaunt it...(ok, maybe I am a little) but hey-I did my time in that waiting room too. I got so good at being an "infertility" patient that I could tell what every patient was doing just by the bag, or the box or the calendar they walked out of the exam rooms with. I knew what drugs they were taking and I knew why! I knew what it meant when they had to schedule their appointments a week, 2 days or 2 weeks out...And I was SO jealous when I saw women with their doting husbands in tow, coming back into the waiting room, all smiles, "accidentally-on purpose" flaunting THEIR newest baby pictures!... So by golly, it's our turn! We earned those babies and we want the world to see them!

And now, for the silver lining!!! My shots have decreased dosage!! I still have to have one every day, (BOOooo) but we're down to only a half of a 'cc' of Progesterone now! Yay! For all my shot-givers, (Brian, Auntie Val, Anabelle, and my mom who practices all the time with a syringe and whatever piece of fruit is nearby in case she's ever called to duty) that is a HUGE victory! Because as you'll see in the next set of pictures, there is so much buildup and scar tissue and progesterone in my 'cheeks' that actually pushing in the plunger on the syringe has gotten so difficult, you'd think there was super glue on the tip of it, preventing it from actually leaving the syringe!! So now there's half as much to TRY and inject! Yay! Cel-e-bra-tion time! Come on!


Anabelle said...

Your babies ARE the cutest babies around! To see their little baby bodies brought a tear, or 3, to my eye!Flaunt those pictures all you want!!!

Audrey said...

YEAH babies! What a wonderful feeling of have had these blessings for so long. We are praying for you (and Brian and family!) May God give you peace and clarity in times of uncertainty. We praise Him for your 3 wiggly babies!

Jen said...

Yeah for graduation! But, I will miss the weekly photos too. I love seeing the wiggly ones and all their little poses. Your pose is very cute too with that little belly and all :) Thanks for the well written update, I love your stories!

Jen Adams said...

Those three babies are all perfect little miracles and you deserve to flaunt them!! You are such a beautiful and courageous mommy!
I also have to say...GO MOM to my own mother...I am so proud of her for shooting you in the butt!! I love the picture of her "playing darts!" I wish I could be there too. I am so happy that you are keeping this blog- it is nice to, even though we are so far away, still keep up with your wonderful pregnancy...we think about you all every day!!
Love you Ami!!

Rosey said...

Your babies are wonderful and I love reading your blogs. Just wanted you to know there are lots of us (all my family (that's lots) and half of Green Valley) praying for you and your triplets. Pamper yourself to extreme! Those babies must be enjoying all your eating so keep it up!
Love you,

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