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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jose Eber, he is not.

The 24 hours leading up to my arrival home tonight included, among other things,  Hunter throwing up every hour through the night, a school day with all 44 kindergartners present, and the first 27 parent teacher conferences. 

Tired? Yes. 

Happy to see my own little crazies after spending all day talking about everyone else's kiddos? Yes. 

And when this little face said, "Mom, come see what happened to George Sanderson!", I knew my night was about to get even better.  

That's George's backside. 

That's George's hair.  :)

I'll give you ONE guess as to how this happened...

(And I'll help you out...his hair did NOT just fall off)) 
 Nope. Colton Bunch, hairstylist to the monsters, gave him a new style. 

Luckily, George doesn't seem too upset. :)

Note to self: Next time, put away the scissors. 


thechillydog said...

Just be happy he tested his new skill on George instead of Hunter ;)

Lawson and Ians' Mum said...

I remember Ian doing that with safety scissors to himself when he was about 3...... it never grew back the same. So a word of warning, watch for him trying to shave his legs in another couple of years.

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