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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hey, Little Caterpillar

We're still here. I promise. Just incredibly busy living life.  So busy in fact, that not only have I not blogged since August 1st, I also haven't checked anyone ELSE'S blogs in that same amount of time! No wonder I feel so out of touch.  :)

So there's not really much newsworthy to report in this post. It's more of a "We haven't completely fallen off the fact of the earth post." 

Anyhoodle, this time of year, I can confidently say that I'm not enjoying the 8,000 flies that seem to be everywhere right now. 
I'm not enjoying the grasshoppers that jump up under my dress as I walk past them to my car. {Eeek!!}
I AM enjoying the caterpillars, though. Actually, I'm just enjoying my kids enjoying them. 

Tell me that's not one cool a$$ caterpillar! 

Colton, ever cautious was content to look at him. He wanted to look at it from every angle, but touching it or holding it was absolutely out of the question.  

But THIS kid? THIS kid has NO fear. 

He'd have put him on a leash and brought him in the house if I'd have let him.  :) 

Still not touching it. 

Even the little lady couldn't talk him into it. 

"Here, little caterpillar..." 
 Patience being tested...

Getting closer...

Hey, there.  Nice to see you little friend. 

 I shall name you....caterpillar.  :)

Look whose courage arrived an hour later! 

With a bed of leaves to sleep in, how could this caterpillar complain? 

Till we meet again...


Grammy said...

Love it. If we could post the squirrel at the zoo trying to take away their popcorn would be priceless. We thought we would be going for rabies shots if Ethan got any closer.

Jacob Davis said...

In case you care, here's more info on the little guy. Looks like he was 3-4 weeks old.


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