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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shrimpo de Pie-o and my son, Norris.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 
Our morning began like all others,
with complete unawareness that it was in fact, a holiday! 

That all changed when Ponka walked in for his Sunday visit carrying....a pinata! 

Yahoo! This calls for Margarit....er, a baseball bat! 

 One by one, in perfect harmony, they took turns whacking the poor little donkey.
After a while, Brian took his police club out and 'helped' a little.  :)

 When suddenly, 

 It was raining candy!! Whooo hooo! 

It was one of those days where the weather was so nice. We were able to sit outside and enjoy the perfect temperatures. Even Piper enjoyed it and she was wearing a black fur coat! 
Colton and Hunter enjoyed the day from their playhouse...

Ethan asked to water the flowers.

And he took his job very seriously.  

By evening, we were ready for dinner! 
Corn on the cob, mesquite grilled shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes, and steak. 
(And for the kids...add in some applesauce & macaroni and cheese)

My kids are picky eaters and it doesn't help that I don't particularly like to cook. 
Soo...once in a while, we bust out the old school people plates! 

Tonight's menu included: 
Macaroni and Cheese Hair
Applesauce shirts and beards, 
Steak moustaches and earrings and
Mashed Potato hair bows. 

 They enjoyed their meals a TON and cracked us up by requesting "more hair", or "more beard, please!"

And then, MY MEAL! 
Brian made Mesquite Grilled Shrimp and all the fixins! 
And though I didn't get a picture of it, he actually made a Sour Cream Cherry Pie tonight! 

Hence, Shrimpo de Pie-O! 

 Much like so many of our other meals, as soon as I'd sit down at the table, someone would request something else, requiring me to get up down, up and down. 

Finally, Brian had had enough and was feeling bad for me. 
He hollered something about "Stay seated and eat what's on your plate! Your mother is NOT getting up to get you anything, nor is Daddy!" 

Colton, who is usually quite sensitive to Brian's yelling, looks up inquisitively, and exclaims with a smile, "Norris! Who's Norris?" 
 I laughed so hard. He totally missed the point of Brian's message because he didn't know who Norris is! Try explaining to a 4 year old what 'Nor is" means. Instead, we told Colton we'd start calling HIM Norris. And we did. He cracked up with the heartiest belly laugh I've heard from him! 

And it stuck. The rest of the night, we called him Norris. 
And that's all for tonight! Happy Cinco De Mayo to  you! 

1 comment:

Ponka said...

Best Cinco de Mayo celebration ever. Love you.

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