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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Mom, it's a cold, wintry day..."

Yes, Hunter. Yes it is a COLD, WINTRY day. (Literally, those were her words.) 

Anyway, I suppose we can begin by assuming that his 'handlers' must've been feeding Punxatawney Phil some other special kind of "grass" because that rodent was WRONG. Straight up wrong. It has snowed in Arizona more times in the 2 weeks following Groundhog Day than it has all year! Or EVER for that matter. This is ARIZONA. Southern Arizona at that. 

And today was anything but typical for a Southern Arizona kinda afternoon. There we were, my sister, Mary and I, taking our kinders to the library when all of a sudden snowflakes the size of butterflies were floating to the ground, covering it with a beautiful layer of white. "Of course it's snowing," I think to myself, "because Brian is in Alabama." GO FIGURE. 

So I sent him this pic from our Rodeo Day at school.  :) 

And then this one of Mary and me. It's fun to teach with your sister. :) She makes you do stuff like let 38 kids play in the snow, because it will make good memories.  She's right. 

And all the while, my mom, aka the great saint of Tucson, was busy herding her own little grand-troop. The kids had a Rodeo Sing A-long at Preschool today. I unfortunately had to work so I couldn't go, AND it  happened to fall on a day that is not their regular school day. But never fear, my mom didn't let that stop her! She carted my trio and my niece to school and stayed for what turned out to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. (I understand that these will not be AS cute for you all, but just imagine it's your children who are not always, shall we say....agreeable..(remember the Christmas Musical??) up there on stage TOTALLY ROCKING THE RODEO SONGS! 

When I got to my mom's after work today to see the videos, I actually had to fight back some happy "glistening drops" from my eyes. I am still so proud and so happy that Ethan especially, had such a great time. (He even says it at the end of the 3 minute video WITH 2 thumbs up..."That wath tho fun!")

Colton is still fighting an ear infection and isn't quite himself yet, so he only lasted a song before he found himself sitting with his teachers. But that was okay with me. 

Okay now, without further delay, please enjoy these hilarious songs. (Excuse the crappy quality. Technology hated me tonight and I could NOT find the right format to play the videos normally. I had to play the videos on the computer and then record THAT with my phone. So it's a bit grainy/blurry. Also, please disregard the funky snapshots throughout. My mom's camera does video with the option to take still shots simultaneously. The problem is that you see my reflection holding my phone, each time it flashes!) Oh well! 

 Some of the kids at school
 Ethan and Hunter

Pizza at school afterwards! 





Snow starting to fall at their school...

And then at Grammy's house...

 Cousins.  :) 

My little snow baby. 

And then there's me. Trying out bangs again. Let's see how long this lasts.  :) 

Whew! There you have it! We're still here! 


Auntie Valerie said...

Love this blog! Adorable videos and OMG all four kiddos look so darn cute playing in the snow!! And their Mommies too!

Ponka/ "Pompa" according to Brinley said...

Wonderful photos, especially of the cousins together.

Grammy Russo said...

yes Ami I also had tears in my eyes watching them and was sooo proud of Ethan that he came through with flying colors Of course Hunter as always the performer. Poor dear Colton, he was about to keel over when one of the teachers grabbed him. Still a trouper. It was a wonderful day topped off with the wonderful snow.

House Revivals said...

Ohmygoodness! When did your babies get so big!

Kim said...

Not a big snow fan...but, always a joy to see it through the little one's eyes! You got some great pics and video footage!! How neat to see the kids enjoying all of that snow!!

Anonymous said...

The lil ones are absolutely adorable and I must say I am a big fan of the bangs! What a beautiful Mommy of 3 amazing children.

Sai Mallick said...

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Subhash said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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