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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Falling Overboard.

I really thought I'd better just try a blog again. 
You know, to make sure I still remembered how.  :) 

The worst part of my blogging negligence is that I KNOW some of the funniest stuff awaits you....The kids' preschool Holiday Musical  Performance? It could win awards. For something, surely. We got one kid singing perfectly, actions and all, another kid performing marathon stretches ON STAGE and the other kid crying hysterically because he's well, done with all that singing nonsense. 

And then we had at least 3 Christmases!! What is wrong with me? Why have I been withholding all this goodness? I HAVE no good reason. But rest assured, I stand here with my right hand raised, repeating after myself, 

"I, Ami Bunch, promise to get off my duff, and remember that these stories will not write themselves."

So there. We haven't fallen overboard. We have full intentions of returning to our regularly scheduled daily lives. We've just been...busy. 

Bathing. As you can see.  :)

Have a great Monday!


Lawson and Ians Mum said...

Those pictures are just precious.

Lynn Fern said...

We are glad to have you back..you've been missed!!

Ami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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