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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

I had to go to Michael's today.
And Target.
And I had a S-p-L-i-T-t-I-n-G headache, from the moment I woke up.

As everyone who's ever had a headache knows, in the midst of the pounding, all sounds, lights, etc. seem AMPLIFIED, which is not helpful when you have three 3 year olds.

The kids were okay in Michael's....not great, but not their worst. Mary and Brinley were there, so it was fun for them, regardless. Through squinting eyes, I tried my best to find what we needed and get out of there.

Mary made pretty much the best suggestion EVER as we headed out, "Go through the Starbucks Drive-thru and get yourself a Chai Tea." Say no more, that's music to my ears."

So I did.

A Venti. AND it was FREE because I had a reward on my phone. (Free chai tastes even better). I took a sip and saved the rest for my impending stroll through Target.

As luck would have it {insert sarcasm here} the boys were already screaming at each other for SOMETHING as we got into our cart. I clipped my plastic cup holder to the cart and placed my Chai Tea in it and we headed inside to get the kids lunch in the snack area. As we pulled around the railing to go through the snack line, Colton, while screaming at Ethan, (from inside the cart) grabbed on to the counter and PULLED the cart forward, which in turn SNAPPED the cup holder completely off the cart, landing on the floor in a full, Venti-sized puddle.

Now, I hate to sound so shallow, like I was as upset about a spilled chai as I was, but I was seriously at my wit's end. (Which doesn't happen often.) And really, the puddle of chai more represented my mood, my headache, my short patience. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I asked a kind Target employee for something to clean up the mess.

I apologized profusely to the two girls who came to clean it up, and both of them assured me "It's no problem, it happens all the time." "I know," I said, "But still, I'm so sorry."

Then one of them, noting the color of the puddle, asked me, "Was that a Starbucks?"

"Yes," I said, "It was. But it's okay."

"Can we get you another one?" they asked.

"No, I didn't buy it here, it's okay."

"Are you sure?" they asked again.

"Yes, I'm sure. Thank you for offering, but it's fine."

And then I proceeded to order lunch for the kids and during that ordeal, Colton smashed Ethan's head between the counter and the cart which led to insane amounts of screaming. To say that I was frustrated would be a severe understatement.

I contemplated just taking them straight back out to the car, but I really needed stuff from Target for Thanksgiving at my mom's house later that afternoon, and I was hoping against hope that food in their bellies would help calm and quiet them.

So we sat at the corner table in the food area and I honestly just sat and tried to ignore their fighting and fought back tears.

No more than 5 minutes into their eating, one of the regular baristas walks over and sets a Chai Tea, perfectly made, on my table. I looked up at her and with full tears, smiled and said, "You did not have to do that." And she just said, "We know."

Random Acts of Kindness really can make someone's day.

I took out a napkin and a sharpie from my purse and wrote them a little thank you note, letting them know how with one random act of kindness, they had made my day. I gave it to Hunter to bring to the girls..

And then we were on our way. I will absolutely pay it forward...

(Wondering how they knew my drink?....Maybe I go to Target a bit much....)
But I'll tell you what...customer service at MY Target was pretty great today.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving. May a small gesture of kindness brighten your day.


Anabelle said...

The. Best. Thing. EVER!
Good karma came back to you after you rescued my spilt chai months ago.

Anabelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynn Fern said...

Isn't it amazing how a small thing to them was a big thing to you? I have 2 little ones that are 2 & 4. There are days that I feel I am going to break, and many times it is while I am in our Target here. Like you I think I might be there far too much because they know my drink entirely too well. Glad your day took a turn for the better. Give yourself a big pat on the back - you are a good mom!!

Courtney said...

Riley spilled my fairly full smoothie in the grocery store a few months ago, and I almost cried, too. I wanted that smoothie; I needed that smoothie. And it was gone just like that. So I feel your pain, Ami! At least you got a replacement drink; kindness from strangers is just awesome, isn't it?

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