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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holy Drama Queen, Batman.

Short and Sweet tonight. But I couldn't resist sharing this. Not doing so means I risk forgetting it and frankly, I haven't laughed so hard in a while.

Let me set the scene:

Kids are playing in the living room. All is well until I hear this-

Hunter: Ethan, sweetie, I'm just gonna be talking on my cellphone for a little while so I'm gonna need you to be quiet so I can hear. Okay? Okay sweetie?  {Frankly, this post could stop right here and that sentence alone would be funny enough to call it a day. But no, it got better.}

Ethan: No.

Hunter: Ethan, did you just tell me no?

Ethan: NO! {Except, yes.}  :)

Hunter: [running into the kitchen sobbing] Mommy, Ethan just telled me no!

Mommy: Yeah? So? Ignore him.

Hunter: No! He telled me NO, mom!

Mommy: Hunter, it's fine. Just ignore him.  [here it comes...wait for it..]

Hunter: But mooom, that hurts my life.

Mommy: ?? What? That hurts your life? [turn head so as not to laugh too loudly]

Hunter: Yes. [sniff sniff].


Fast Forward to bed time.....

Tonight I gave Hunter the purple cup instead of the pink cup which she apparently wanted. I also put a yellow lid on 'said' purple cup instead of a blue one! Well I might as well have told her she was going to have to sleep in a pool full of cat poop.

Hunter: But moooom, I wanted the pink cup.

Mommy: Well sorry Hunter, but you're not getting it. I already poured milk in the purple cup.

Hunter: It's not fair mom. You're hurting my life. 


Where does she come up with this stuff?

Regardless, I urge you all to incorporate this new phrase into your day today. Try it out. And if you feel so inclined, leave a comment and tell me how and where and with whom you busted out the phrase "You're hurting my life."


Jeremy DeBauche said...

Seriously, where does she come up with that stuff? The Hunterisms are hilarious. Good thing you're keeping track on here!

Corazon Nunez said...

Hmm . . . How long has Hunter had earrings? I just noticed.

Abbey said...

I love that you keep track of their little sayings and conversations....mental note for me!;) She is too cute, had to share this one with my husband!

Anonymous said...

This is now a favorite saying of my sister and I! We say it a lot now :)

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