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Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Faces

Because I'm certain you're tired of looking at the ridiculous contents of my purse by now, I  thought I'd leave you with some cheerful Friday Faces.  :) Enjoy the weekend! 

(Sporting his Canada Pride Shirt! Thank you Alexander Triplets!)

My niece Brinley....steadying herself on top of the sandbox. 

Learning a love of Cars. 

Colton  :)


Hunter Olivia

Did I ever mention how much they love Cars and sand?

 Lil Hunter Girl got to go to a 'Princess Party' last weekend for my dear friend Heather's daughter's birthday. (They are preschool classmates!)
 Lots of little girls in dresses, making tiaras, finding jewels....so sweet. 

 This little princess wanted to wear piggy tails.  

Ruffle butts. 

Happy Friday! 


Nicole said...

Super cute! Happy Friday!

Mary said...

Love those Friday faces!

The Alexanders said...

Super cute...but I do like the purse contents blog too! I am going to have to copy that one!

Jen said...

Aww! I love all those precious little faces!

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