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Monday, June 4, 2012

This and That, but hey, I'm back!

Well it's been 3 days since I last blogged. Did you miss me?

Cuz in a weird, I must-thrive-on-stress-kinda-way, I missed you too!

So it's summer and I am totally kicking that to-do list's butt. And while we're on the topic of 'the list', I'd like to point out that there are several items on that list that I don't actually wait for summer to accomplish (ie. Scrub toilets, vacuum, etc.) No, no. I do those things several times a week, but they make the list because it makes it easy for me to get 'em done and cross 'em off! (In which case, I feel quite satisfied with myself and feel motivated to keep doing things I probably ONLY do once a year, like wash baseboards and reorganize cupboards and cabinets.) Just didn't want you to think my toilets hadn't been cleaned in a year!

So while I haven't been blogging or cleaning, I have been keeping busy.

And with the help of Instagram, (new obsession) I've been capturing lots of little moments I've been loving lately. In no particular order.....
As much as I dread the thought of the sand that will inevitably make its way into the house, I do enjoy watching my kids play in their sandbox. They're so creative and have such different opinions about what is 'fun'. Hunter typically makes 'cupcakes' and 'cakes' (and forces me to pretend to eat them, ) while Colton enjoys watching the sand fall through the sifters, and Ethan buries his trucks and then tries to find them. Furthermore, just look at them. What kind of mother am I? Two kids are in the sandbox in their jammies (with feeties, no less!) and one is practically naked. Love it. 
My pretty purple toes. Thank you, Brian for choosing my summer color and for helping me with my pedicure. 
Waffle Mittens. (aka 'Sock Hands'). Why? Because he's three, I suppose. 
Daddy playing in the clubhouse with his only daughter. 

Our new firepit Brian just built (then tore apart cuz he didn't approve) and rebuilt. I see smores in my future....
Furthermore, even better than the fire itself was listening to the kids throughout the project, Colton in particular.
Upon its completion yesterday, Colton, in his best baby caveman language, exclaimed, "Daddy make fire!" I half expected him to grunt afterward. 

My babies. When I'm not frustrated and wanting to put permanent earplugs in my ears, I love them to the moon and back. Other days, I just want to love them to the moon and then come back alone.  ;)

My growing 'Heart-Shaped' rock collection. I don't know why this hobby makes me so happy, but it does. I feel like  a child searching for pennies on the ground, but I am constantly scanning the ground for rocks that resemble hearts. No, these are obviously not perfect hearts, but they're close.. Perfectly imperfect, I say! I get all giddy when I find one. (Or when someone finds one and gives it to me. ) So if you find a heart shaped rock and you want to send it to me...let me know and I'll give you my address! How excited would I be to have heart shaped rocks from all over the world.... just remember me if you ever see one! (Or start your own fun collection!) 

Hanging out at the pools at La Paloma with my Dad and Genise, 'Uncle Mikey', Brian, Mary, Brinley and my kids. LOVE the little kid pool cuz it's SO Bunchkin Size. They had such a great time and so did I! (Minus the part where I made 56 trips to the bathroom with various kids.) But oh, how fun. It's times like those that I love living in Arizona where we can enjoy the sun (while lathered in ridiculous amounts of sunscreen, of course.)  

Dad, Brinley, Uncle Mike

Brinley, My Dad, Hunter

And finally, I'm so obsessed with DrawSomething it's ridiculous.  Who knew drawing pictures could be so fun! Thank you to all my peeps who support my need to draw big booties and people barfing overboard.  It's good fun. Yes, it is. 

And finally, it wouldn't be a house full of 3 year olds if I didn't have funny sayings to share. 

Colton, who seems to have already outgrown his "Why not?" phrase, has moved on to saying, 
"Nooo. I forgot." Allow me to give an example.

Colton: Mommy, I want to take a sower (shower).
Me: You don't need to take a shower, buddy, you took a bath last night. Remember?
Colton: Nooo. I forgot. 

Or this one, even better when it makes NO sense at all:

Colton: I want fruit snacks.
Me: But you just ate 2 waffles and strawberries and it's only 8:30 in the morning.
Colton: Nooo. I forgot. 

(it made sense to him!)

Hee hee...That's all for now my friends! See you again in a few days! 


Tracey's Life said...

Your kids are just too cute! Your stories make me smile, and btw, you are awesome at drawsomething! If you ever need someone else to play, let me know.

Enjoy your summer.

Mrs. Pertile said...

Ha! I totally thought that was a great rendition od SEASICK!

There is something very relaxing about drawing each day, huh?

Courtney said...

I LOVE the purple toes! What's the name of the brand and color? Oh, and welcome back from your mini blogging vacation. Please try not to leave us for that long again! ;)

Mrs. Lofgren said...

You made DrawSomething look like so much fun I just had to try it out!!! Do you just have the free version or the "upgrade"? It might be my new addiction! :)

Kalle said...

I love Instagram! Definitely my most prized app on my iPhone.

Colton has the best lines and your heart collection rocks. Looks like an awesome start to summer.

Tim and Darcy said...

Ummm I collect "rock hearts" too!!!! I only have a few...and I don't know where they are (all in different places) because I'm just that unorganized! But weird!!!!

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