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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nature Walks and Dirty Babies

Running around with gooey fish, exploring in the woods, playin' in the grass. All of it makes for a great vacation with lots of dirty little babies! Thankfully this place has the most exquisite tubs big enough for everyone at once! (Well not EVERYone...but all the kids.)  :)

I'm sorry, but how could I resist? 
Bath time somehow turned into an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, what with the "Minnie Bow" I crafted for Hunter...

 The Mickey Ears I attempted for Ethan
  and Colton...

SEE no evil,  SPEAK no evil, HEAR no evil.  :) 

Can you guess the body part? 
Workin' on a goatee like daddy's.  

 They've been so cooperative with my obsessive need to try different poses.  

 I obviously did not take these photos, but I did want proof that I was, in fact, present on this trip.  :)

And then there were bubbles. Not your average, run of the mill bubbles, but this kick butt automatic bubble blower!! Oh, how the kids love it. 

I like to call this one, "I bumped my head." 
 Hunter, your cheesy smile makes me laugh. Every time. You are one sweet little lady. 

Somedays these two are inseparable. 
 When did he grow up? 

More buckets for my classroom somehow turned into stacking blocks for my kids. 

 And then I decided to channel my inner "good mom" and took the kids (and dragged along 3 other adults) on an exploration walk around the area. I gave each kid (my 3 and our little friend, Ava) their own bucket for "treasures" and off we went. They were so stinking cute and have been fascinated by all their treasures for hours now. 

Guess what this mom found on our treasure hunt?? 

Acorns...which they'd never seen before in real life...



Little crab apples

 Taking time out of our walk to pose for a pic. 

 She is so thrilled with her treasures! 

 And then the icing on the cake came when we passed  this little woodpecker just a few yards away. 
 And then all the stars aligned and as if in a movie, you could almost hear the director yell, "Cue the squirrel!" And down the tree he ran! RIGHT in front of us! The kids were beside themselves with joy! 

 And all good nature walks end with ladybugs landing on your hands, right? Ethan loved this little "lalybug". 

 until he got too close to his face...
So I'll leave you with that for the evening....more to come from Pinetop! 


Jeremy DeBauche said...

Ethan's "look of horror" in that last pic is priceless! Looks like the Bunchkins had a great time exploring. By the way, there's nothing as memorable as three little rear ends on the edge of the bathtub. That one needs to be framed and put on the wall on your staircase!

Nicole said...

Omgosh that picture of their bums is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Totally need to frame it and put it in the bathroom! Looks like you all are having a wonderful time! Miss you!

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