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Friday, March 23, 2012

It's your 'Happy Birthday!"

Tres, Tres, Tres
Trois, Trois, Trois
Drei, Drei, Drei
San, San, San,
Tre, Tre, Tre...

No matter how you look at it, no matter which language, they all say the same thing.


Today, I have three beautiful children and they are all THREE!


This fact astounds me almost as much as the news, once upon a time,  that I was going to have 3 babies. Their  birth on March 23, 2009 was quite possibly the most amazing day of my life. My memory in general is actually pretty bad, but not of that day.

I can remember everything about that day.

The butterflies in my stomach the morning I woke up knowing that I was about to meet the three little people whose faces I'd seen previously, but only in the grainy black and white of ultrasound monitors.

I remember heading to the hospital that morning, and the feeling of Brian's hand holding mine in the car as he said a prayer for everyone involved in the delivery and care of me and our babies (one of the last calm moments of my life, in fact).

I remember the hustle and bustle as DOZENS and DOZENS and DOZENS of nurses, doctors, technicians and students each did their jobs to prepare for my babies' delivery.

And that moment when I first locked eyes with those three beautiful, tiny humans so alert and full of wonder. That is the moment I remember best.

That day was truly....amazing.

As I held those sweet three pounders in my arms and sang them songs to the beat of the NICU bells and whistles, 3 years old seemed SO FAR AWAY. When you're holding babies who weigh less than a bag of sugar,  3 years old might as well be starting college, because all you can think about is how much you love the moment you're in and how you never want it to change. 

But if there's one thing I've learned in my relatively short stint as a mother, it's this- change happens subtly.  SO subtly in fact, that sentimental moms like me don't notice that one day her babies are practically wearing doll clothes and the next they're wearing Buzz Lightyear Big Boy Underoos.

Live in every moment and when the day comes that your babies turn three, you'll be okay with it. You'll be okay because you'll know that you enjoyed every moment of their lives before it. 

And  you will have learned that newborns are precious, and babies are delightful, but toddlers are simply amazing. 

If you're doing it right- every age will be your favorite.

And today, I love my three year olds.


There is no greater joy than watching my big kids talk to one another, invent games to play together, push each other down and help each other up. There is nothing better than the moment they learn something new or achieve something they've been striving for. Nothing beats the first time I see them in the day. The cheers for going pee pee on the potty, the independence, the stubbornness, the cuddles. The "I love you mommys."
Yeah...it's not so bad to be three.

So, to you, my dear big kids, I want to wish you the happiest of  days. (Because finally, after weeks of counting down, TODAY really is your 'Happy Birthday.'

You three have given me several grey hairs, a few new wrinkles, a hoarser voice, and a few more aches and pains.

But more than that, you give me unlimited smiles and laughs, you give me purpose, you give me hugs, and you continually give me the gift I wanted for so many years....the gift of being your mom.

I love you my very big kids and I think you're gonna be great at being three. 


Happy Birthday.  :)
Love, Mom & Dad and all the world who loves you. 


Ponka said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the wonderful Bunchkins! Your mom and dad have raised three magnificent kids. While I am continually "wowed" by your cuteness and "smarts," I am most pleased that the three of you are such happy, loving little persons. HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION and many more. Love, "Ponka"

Nicole said...

Happy birthday kiddos! MY memory of that day was when Mary called to tell me the pushed the C-section back a bit and all I could think of was how humgry you must've been. I remember Mary laughing and saying. "Only a pregnant girl would think that way." How quickly these three years have gone! Love you all!

Mrs. Lofgren said...

Happy Birthday Bunchkins!!! I can't believe how much you've grown since the first time I held you! I hope three is everything you imagined it would be! Sending hugs and kisses to you on your special day! XOXO!

Anabelle said...

Oh my word, how they have grown! Funny, how I remember that day very clearly too and I was half way around the country! I couldn't believe the day you would finally birth was the same day I would be on a plane all day! It was such a happy day when I got Mary's text that the babies were here!
Happy birthday Bunchkins! The Pearsons love you!

Charlotte Hoffner said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUNCHKINS!! I hope you have a spectacular day!! Three is awesome!! Big hugs from The Hoffners!

Auntie Val said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Colton, Hunter and Ethan!Have a day FULL OF FUN! Whata beautiful blog Ami. I love
how you cherish every moment. We are all so Blessed to have the Bunchkins in our lives. They bring such joy, love and happiness. Not to mention the FUN! Love you all.
Auntie Val & Uncle Jim

Abbey said...

Happy birthday to your three precious little ones. That post was amazing and really kind of made me a little choked up! Love the outlook of every age being the best.

Courtney said...

Happy happy birthday, Bunchkins!

Spring said...

We are approaching our trio's 1st birthday in just 1 month!!! I miss my teeny tiny babies, but oh how much fun they are now!!! I can only imagine how much better it gets... I am savoring every moment!!!
Happy Birthday to your sweet sweet 3 year olds!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing another wonderful blog that brought tears to my eyes. You capture so beautifully the thoughts I had when my own two were in the NICU. How blessed you are - with Brian and the three babies you so desperately wanted.
Happy 3rd Birthday to the best bunch of triplets I know!!!

Kathy Meindl

Besa said...

Happy birthday to the Bunch kids!

I am a first time commenter but read your blog often so I feel like I know you!

Traveling Triplets said...

how fun! i am so glad we found your blog! we are identical triplet girls in our 20s, and we blog at www.travelingtriplets.com. we'd love if you'd stop by! it's fun meeting other triplets :)

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