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Monday, January 2, 2012

This and that...

Lately I've been feeling like so many funny, exciting, interesting, horrifying, etc. etc. things happen in any given day that it makes choosing what to write about terribly hard. I mean it. I still have that moment where something happens and I say to myself, almost instinctively, "This would make a great blog post." But then an hour later, something else happens and again I say, "This would make a great blog post, too!" And then I'm left trying to figure out how to join the two (or four or eight) ideas into a beautiful marriage of Bunchkin funnies. And if it doesn't flow, then it bothers me and I just don't do it.

For instance,  Hunter just came out to see me, asking where her daddy was. I told her he was up in our room fixing the TV and that it was okay if she went up to see him. Excitedly, she headed up the stairs, but then stopped, came back to where I sat writing, and said, "I goin to see Daddy. You stay here. You watch your pooter (computer.) You watch da TV. Okay?" (Seriously? Who taught her to be so bossy?....) Don't answer that.  :)

How do I poetically marry that with a story about our near death trip to urgent care upon learning that Ethan had forced a foreign object so far up his little nostril that no fingernail of mine could rescue it. Thank God for Ulta in the mall parking lot is all I gotta say. I rushed him in with me, while Mary and Anabelle unpacked Hunter and Colton. I bought two pair of tweezers (pointy and slanted) for a grand total of $16.00, then throw him horizontally across my lap on the bench right out in front of Ulta. The first pair of tweezers didn't work. The second? Oh yeah, I freakin' got it - A piece of rubber from the chest plate on his car seat. Man, I should've been a nurse....Resulting Parenting Tip? Keep tweezers in your purse. Cuz $16 sure beats your bill at Urgent Care.

Now back to the point I was attempting to make.

Do you realize that we literally celebrated Christmas 4 different times, in 4 different places with 4 different parts of our family and I haven't even uploaded a single photo from my camera yet. We even celebrated New Year's and still, no photos. What is wrong with me??

Unless every post from here on out is titled "A little of this and a little of that" then I just feel.... overwhelmed with loose ends! I miss blogging. I really, really miss it. My kids are at one of the funniest stages of their lives and I can't seem to get out of this blog funk to write about it. Rats. Guilt used to work really well for me.... 3 mentions in the same week about how I hadn't blogged in a while and I'd have one posted by day's end. But now, even that isn't cuttin' it for me! (So if you were planning on trying to guilt me, save yourself the effort.)  :)

I guess there's something about having triplets that has always made me feel like I need to be at the top of my game, AHEAD of the game, ALWAYS.  Or risk being swallowed alive- by crying, yelling, by laundry, strewn about toys, by clingy toddlers, dishes and snacks, cleaning and brushing 60 teeth and clipping 60 nails.  I used to be better at overlooking messes and not caring that there were toys cluttering every square inch of my house. But for some reason, I can't right now. For some reason, I need order.

Well, I've not been swallowed alive yet. But the older they get, the faster they get, the more proficient mess makers they become and the harder it is for me to find that which I hear they call 'spare time?' Ah ha ha...Spare time, schmare time. I laugh at your spare time.

So, perhaps we'll add it to the list of resolutions. (Except I'll put it on the list that I intend to actually strive to accomplish,  not just the one I fill with things that 'look good on paper.' To assist me, I got a new camera! Call it my inspiration. Every mommy blogger needs a good camera, right? Well I got one finally.  Now if I could just learn how to use it....  :)

In the mean time, like I mentioned, I haven't got a single new photo of my babies to post for you, so I'll leave you with our play room instead, which I spent a good deal of time reorganizing the past few weeks while on Winter Break. If you're my FB friend, sorry. You've seen these already.

So there we have it. Just wanted you to know I'm still here, and I'm trying to find my way back to you. {Cue you and me running towards each other in slow motion on a beach...}  

Happy New Year Everyone! 


Just Jen said...

You are more then welcome to post funny lists! Just list everything they do that is so funny. We won't mind not one little bit!

The Alexanders said...

This post was perfect! I loved, and agreed with every word of it! I hope your Christmas(s) were great and I cant wait for you to blog them! DId you use your new camera for your tree lot pictures??? I was going to say something after looking at that post...amazing pics!

Mary said...

I have to give you a lot of credit for the extracting of the foreign object...you were so calm while figuring out how to handle the situation and solving it! All while holding a SCREAMING child the entire time...I definitely couldn't have done that.

I feel like I could have an entire blog about how they interact with Brinley...they are so adorable with her!

Dad said...

Ami, that you find ANY time to post an entry is amazing to me! Of course, when you do, it is always a high point of my day to read of The Bunchkins' adventures. You are amazing. Also, I want to chime in regarding Mary's comment. The love and affection that The Bunchkins have for Brinley is just another bit of evidence of your effective "mothering" (and Mary's, too). Your kids could not have a more loving, caring aunt than Mary ... Love you.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that no matter what kind of day I am experiencing, if I stop and check in on what's going on with you and your precious little ones, I always end up with a smile on my face. The happiness and Love in your home is quite apparent just from seeing the genuine smiles on the faces in your photos. You are an amazing Mother and such a beautiful person!

Jeremy DeBauche said...

Talk about not having enough time to blog. I feel ya. I don't even have time to comment on your blog posts, even though I have read each and every one of them :) Your comment about recognizing when a day's happening would make a good blog post hit the spot. It's kind of like when I really got in to photography. Everywhere I looked, it was "Look at that light. That would make a great photo." Now, it's "Can you believe that? That would make a great blog post." I think the real problem is that there's just too much to write about. Don't beat yourself up too much. At some point, you've gotta scrap some of the photos/ideas you just haven't gotten around to blogging about and start fresh with today's ideas. Truth be told, I have about 10 posts that are partially written that I just never completed, so it's easier said than done. Otherwise, the blog becomes a chore, creativity suffers, and you start putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to write something you really, actually enjoy. By the way, good save with the tweezers! I'll have to remind Meg to put some in our bag.

thechillydog said...

You didn't have tweezers in your purse? Really? I thought you carried everything including the kitchen sink in there! You always make me smile :)

Abbey said...

Love the play room! We need to eventually either finish the basement or make a guest room one! Also, I love the new look to the blog. I need to spruce mine up as well. :)

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