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Friday, January 20, 2012

"Look at those fat legs!"

She's constantly surrounded by boys. She spends every waking (oh right, AND sleeping) moments with boys. She's rough and tumble because of it and she can play the heck out of trucks and cars. She knows Mater and McQueen and she wrestles like a champ. No doubt my girl can hang with the boys. 

But there is no denying that she is in love with her baby girl cousin, Brinley. 

And why wouldn't she? Brinley represents everything girlie she's clearly been craving. She's kisses and smiles and hugs and laughs. She's pink clothes and tiny toes. She's the real life baby doll every little girl hopes to have.

She's a reason to play "the mommy."

"You need you facifier, Brinney?"
"Brinney, you need some socks on you feet?"
"I change Brinney's diaper?"

They are adorable together. (Truth be told, the boys love Brinley EVERY bit as much as Hunter and they dote on her just the same, but Hunter sticks around for photo ops much more agreeably.)

This afternoon, both girls woke from naps at the same time. As my sister prepared to change her diaper, Hunter chimes in with, "Look at those fat legs!" Seriously can't enough of my little niece! Enjoy our random photos from a completely impromptu photo shoot.

Being a model can be SOOooo boring. 



Just Jen said...

Brinley is adorable!

Auntie Valerie said...

Oh my goodness. Two adorable little dolls! How sweet. I loved watching Hunter dote on Brinley the other day. How wonderful that they will be so close. And yes, the boys were cute were her also but they didn't stick around long before something new caught their eye.Boys will be boys! I am so happy that we got to hang out with all the kiddos. They are so precious. Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

Great pictures! And how fun for Brinley to have such a loving big cousin to grow up with!

Jeremy DeBauche said...

I was a couple of posts behind, but made some time this morning to catch up. Those two are really cute and I think it's great that Hunter has a girlfriend to hang out with, in addition to her brothers, though she'll probably end up tougher in the end because of them. Did you take some of those photos with your new camera? I thought I remember you saying you picked up something new. What'd ya get?

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