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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Call it intuition....

As she put the car in reverse, window rolled down, Aunt Mary asked one last time if it was safe to back out of our driveway and not hit any children or dogs. Fairly certain they were all out of the way, I replied, "I'm pretty sure the boys are up by the door, but let me just check one last time. "

Walking over to the sidewalk where the front door was now in my line of sight, I saw Ethan standing in front of the closed door. But I could not see Colton. 

However I saw the curtain inside move. Considering that both Hunter and Piper (the dog) were with me, I knew it had to be Colton inside the house. 

"All clear!" I tell Mary. 

Followed shortly by "Wait. You can back out, but maybe don't leave just yet.... I have a sneaking suspicion that Colton may have just locked us out. Let me just go check real quick." 

So she pulled around to the side of our house and pulled out the ol' iPhone to take pictures of our debacle. 

Sure enough we were locked out.  :)

 (You realize there's no real urgency here because I knew Mary had a key, hence the reason I asked her not to drive away...) Nevertheless, it was funny to see Hunter and Ethan's reaction to realizing they'd been locked out. 

I could see Colton right inside the door, about 4 feet away, watching us peer inside the window at him. 

Me: "Colton Buddy, can you unlock the door, please?"
Colton: "No." 
Me: "Colton come over here and turn the lock again." (Obviously, he IS able to lock the door.) 
Colton: "No."  
(He says this NOT out of disobedience, but rather uncertainty and a wee bit of fear having realized he's in there ALONE.)
Me: "laugh, laugh, laugh...Mary? We're gonna need that key..."

 My little servant, Hunter ran through the rocks to get Aunt Mary's key and brings it to us, freeing the indoor prisoner! 

I could tell he was immediately unsure about whether he was in trouble or not. 
(He was not) 

 And then I realized how scared he'd become.

But nothing a hug from 'mummy' can't fix. 

And the servant girl returns the keys! 

"Good job, Hunter Olivia!"

And thanks, Aunt Mary for capturing the fun AND rescuing us! 


Jeremy DeBauche said...

It's a good thing Mary was there. I imagine there could have been larger meltdowns had you ACTUALLY been locked out :)

Ami said...

The funny thing Jeremy, is that I was totally thinking, "No big deal. I can fit through the dog door if I have to. I've done that before." However...I then realized I'd never had to since having children....I now realize I would've had to leave them in the front yard alone while hopping the wall to get into the backyard...THAT would've been a problem! So yes, thank goodness Mary was still there!!

Anabelle said...

Next time, let's not start a blog post with "was it safe to back up without hitting someone." I was seriously holding my breath thinking someone got hit!

grammy said...

Yes Anabelle, I was thinking the same thing. The other day when I was leaving we did the okay where is Hunter? Okay, with Mary. Colton? with Ami on the sidewalk.
Can't see Ethan oh dear, okay, he went around the other side of the car to say by to me. All clear. Yes again, I did not like the intro either.

Jaymee said...

YIKES!!!! I was thinking someone got hit too!!!! DON'T DO THAT Ami! I just about had a freakin heart attack...

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