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Saturday, November 26, 2011

What's that, they say?

One of the things I love the most about having triplets this age (2 years, 8 months) is their language. It fascinates me. You'd think as a kindergarten teacher I'd be over it, but I'm so intrigued and entertained by what comes out of my kids' mouths. 

When they wake in the mornings, or go down for naps, I'll turn on the monitor and just listen. The way they talk to one another (sometimes nicely and sometimes not) is just too precious. I leave them in their room just so I can listen to them talk and work out problems and get into precarious situations which they then need to get out of on their own. It's absolutely amazing.

Their development is so different at this point, so it's interesting to see how each child uses language to express themselves and to get what they want. (Or don't want). Yet they all have very good receptive and expressive language. 

There are so many things they do and say that I don't ever want to forget. So I'm going to jot down just a few of the things that come to mind...I'm sure I'll hit publish and then remember a ton of other funny things they say, but this is a start anyway.  :) 


Hunter's language is the most  advanced. She not only speaks in fluent sentences, she clearly listens to adults speak and she reuses very appropriate adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. She uses language that she has not even been taught, but rather,  she just absorbed. She's so...descriptive. Here's just a sampling...

"Mama, you back hurt? Mama you back hurt still?" (An hour later.)
"Dat stove is hot. I doat want to burn myself. Dont touch the stove mama. Be careful." 
"Piper, you stay here. We be right back. You stay here Piper. Okay? I love you Paper."
"No want to take a bath. I no want da water on my ears. I all done mama. I need lotion. I need more lotion on my face."
"I love my new shoes. They're so cute. My new shoes are so pretty." 
"Hi Brinley. Hi Baby Brinley. Don't cry Brinley. You want you facifier? You cold? You need a blanket  on you feet?" 
"Coton stinky. Coton need a new diaper. Colton poopy mama. I not stinky. Colton stinky. Ethan stinky too. Not me. Hunter not stinky."
"I'm hungry. I want cereal. I want Cheerios. I don't want Pops." 


Ethan was the last to really develop his language. He has progressed faster than I imagined he would. There was a time when I wondered if he was ever going to talk. Now, he's just where he needs to be. He has the softest, highest pitch little voice (when he's not screaming). He uses his pointer finger on his right hand to help him emphasize things he's trying to say or point out. It's the cutest thing ever. Further, lately, he has taken on this "teacher role" which is awfully cute. Say he's looking at a puzzle or a book of pictures. He'll point to one and ask you, "Wussat? Then as soon as you answer, he confirms that you are correct. He'll say, "Yes, das twiangle.  Wussat? Yes, dat diamon." Some of my other favorite Ethan Speak: 

"Hi Cotan. Hi Hotter. You okay? You okay Cotan?"
"Momma. Piggy! Want Piggy Mama!" (Wants a piggy back ride)
"Dhere Queen. Dhere Mater." Want Queen mama!" 
"Want Ceerol.  (cereal). Want breffest. (breakfast). Want some water. Need ice." 
"Wussat? Wussat mommy? Wussat daddy?  Dat _____." (Fill in the blank)
Dat hopticopter! Dat Choo Choo Twain. "
"No saring! No saring." (sharing)
"Weady, set, go, go go!" 
"Want words mommy. Want watch words."



People are always surprised by Colton's speech, myself included. Because he had a bilateral cleft lip and palate, speech problems were practically inherent. He has been evaluated by Speech Pathologists long before he was ever talking. Thus far, he has not actually required speech services beyond his 6 month/1 year evals. That is impressive. To what do we attribute that to? To Dr. Hurst, for starters. His amazing work repairing Colton's lip and palate no doubt set him up for success. I also attribute it to everyone Colton spends his time with. We speak to him, using descriptive language and encourage him to speak correctly as well. When he mispronounces a word, we say "Colton, watch my mouth. "Bottle. Bo-ttle. Not bobble. Bo-TTle." And then he repeats it correctly. He is a very successful corrector of his language. It's impressive. Further, he has Ethan and Hunter to converse with all day, every day. There is no doubt in my mind that this has improved his speech. Hey may need speech services later on for some minor articulation issues that arise as his dental issues progress, but I have no doubt that his language will be right where it should be. 

"Hi. _____. What doin?"
"Hey Mickey. Hey Minnie. Dat's Mickey Bouse. Dat Donald. Hey Pete! Hey Goof!"
"Want Piwates Mummy. Want Treasure. Want penny. Das a nickel."
"You did it! Good job mummy."
"You okay? You okay? I kiss it better?"
"Hi Hopper! You stay here Hopper. Be right back."
"Hi Brinney."
"Want chockey mok? (Want chocolate milk)
"Where's MyQueen? (McQueen). Dat Mater. 
"See morcycle. Das Daddy's truck."
And one of my most favorite Colton-isms for the moment is the way he recites things from the movie "CARS." Look at dat shine. With a little Rusteze, you TOO can look like ME. Ka-Chow!" or "Mack! Mack! Hey Mack! Wait. You're not Mack!"
"No like it. No like it mommy. (Which can either mean he doesn't like something or that he's finished playing with something.)

All three of them do something I find absolutely hysterical. They use language the way they've heard others use it. For instance, when we see them struggling with something, we say, "Can I help you?" So now, when any one of them needs help they say, "I help you?" instead of "will you help me?" 

The same goes for "I hold you mommy?" Instead of saying "you hold me mommy?" 

Or putting on shoes, they might say, "I help you?" Instead of "Will you help me?"

Academically speaking (well I AM a teacher). They are even stevens as far as letter knowledge. They all know all their letters, upper and lower case. 

They all know their numbers to 10. 

They can count. Sometimes to 20 and sometimes they're all a jumble. It's strange how quickly that skill changes.

They know their colors. 

They know their shapes (including the pentagon and octagon)

They all know about 16-20 sight words (though I've noticed that they've been forgetting them since we haven't been watching "Meet the Sight Words" quite as much lately. )

They can all follow simple directions ....go get a diaper. Get the wipes too. Go look in the playroom. Get the purple ball. Put the car on the table. Lie down. Zip up your jammies. Go sit in your chair. Wash your hands, etc. (and Hunter can often follow fairly complicated multi-step directions). Hunter, go upstairs and look under your bed. Get the cup that's under your bed. Bring it to mommy."

And they are all repeaters. They will repeat anything you say. Did you hear that? Anything. 
"Dammit Hunter."
"Oh my God."
"Oh crap."
"Knock it off."
"Come on my Bit#@hes" (as heard on 'Two and a Half Men')

And all the other choice phrases we wish we'd never uttered in their presence....oops. Lesson learned.

So that's that....for now. 
All from the mouths of babes!


Mary said...

And my favorites are when I leave your house...
"Ba bye..see you later...have a good time...love you...have a nice day" (mostly from Colton and Ethan)

I was just telling Emilio's family how much fun it is to hear them all talk and to carry on conversations with Hunter.

Charlotte Hoffner said...

They are just so darn cute! I always loved the 'hold you mommy' from my kids with their arms up in the air! Who could resist that!?

Jeremy DeBauche said...

Those Bunchkins of yours are pretty darn smart! It must be so cool to watch them grown and learn each day. Specifically, how they absorb their surroundings and apply it to their understanding of the world. I'm sure the majority of the progress that they're making is a result of good parenting :) I can't wait to hear the language of "Triplet Speak" uttered around our house!

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