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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 Little Pumpkins....

What began 4, maybe 5 years ago, on a whim, inadvertently became a tradition. 
Takin' a trip to the Pumpkin Patch in October with our friends, Dave, Denise, Seth and Josh. 
We alternate between Apple Annie's and Buckelew Farms and this October found us back at 
Apple Annie's. 
Sadly, our trip this year had a slightly different feel. 
We were missing something important...Seth. 

He passed away just a month before at much, much too young an age. 
Each of us was thinking about Seth, probably at different moments, and probably for different reasons. 
But none of us had forgotten about him. 
None of us ever will. 

We still talked about him.
Josh still picked a pumpkin for him.
And we grownups remarked how strange it felt not to be 4 wheelin' in the pumpkin patch with Seth's wheelchair and the triplets' stroller for the first time.  
We'll still go the pumpkin patch each year. And each year, we'll remember Seth. 

Lil' Miss Hollywood, her daddy and Colton

Dave and Ethan

My little pumpkins

Dave, Josh and Denise

3 giant butternut squashes later, we left the farmer's market. 

And hopped on the hayride! 

Till we landed in the pumpkin patch. (Which, we realized, is much, much more 'picked over' when you go the very last weekend in October!)

Just once. Seriously. Just once I'd like for everyone to look at the camera.  :) 


"Buh Bye Punkin. Buh Bye Dirt. Buh Bye sky." 
Sweet Ethan doesn't want anyone or anything to be left out...

Daddy's teachin the wee farmers how to drive a tractor.

"Hey Kids, come here! Come take a picture with Mommy...."

"No really. Kids. Come here. Just take a quick picture with mommy."

Story of my life. Whad'ya gonna do?

Look how many bigs we are!  :)


Oh, Apple Annie's....I love your pumpkins, I love your apples and  I LOVE your apple pie and ice cream. 
But YOU'RE killin' me with YOUR grammar. 
Sigh...It's okay. I'll still come back.   


The Alexanders said...

Love this post! I especially like the attempt of getting a picture of you and your kidlets...whenever I try I hold on to them so tight they are all screaming...I might try your approach next time :)

Anabelle said...

Not so silently correcting that grammar again huh? :) I picked up on it right away too.

Kim said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip! And I'm sure that it helped Denise and Dave to be with you guys, remembering Seth and keeping a nice tradition going! Dave

Mary said...

Loving Hunter's shades! And the picture where they are running up the stairs away from you : ) So cute!

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