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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go ahead, say it.


Yeah, yeah...Once again, I KNOW! It has taken me an entire quarter of school to realize just how busy I am now that I am a full time mom AND a full time teacher. I've told many people how badly I need just a few more hours in the day. (Which I immediately realize is really rather ridiculous because as it stands, the last few hours of my day are usually spent behind closed eyelids, on the couch, laptop on my lap, neck craned, mouth wide open, snoring anyway.) So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'll figure it out. I'll get my blog groove back. I will.

For you- The readers, the cheerleaders, the friends, the fellow bloggers, the coworkers, the family members, and the moms.

I will figure it out for YOU.

Unfortunately, it's already 11:34 pm so this post is going to be short and sweet.

It's a sneak peak.

A little sign of the metamorphosis happening in this house- The change from babies to toddlers to big kids.

Cuz friends, our beds are here. Beds with no rails. Beds that life size humans could sleep in. Beds that had the word 'teen' in the description but no mention of 'baby.' Sigh..

And so, their room needs to grow with them. Off the walls go the words 'baby boys' and 'little girl'. In come their new names. Out go the cribs and in come the beds. Out goes my sanity and in comes our newest challenge.

Wanna peek at what's in store for the Bunchkins' new room? Allow me.

A 16 x 20 framed poster of each kiddo will go above their beds. New letters for their names.. 
Their new bedspreads, their posters their names.. (I haven't cut Ethan's out yet)

The Boys' Bedding

Hunter's Bedding

These are the actual beds (minus the bedding)
An idea I pinned on Pinterest. Thinking I'll make each child  a pillow for his/her bed. 
So that's that. And don't you worry. I'm back. I have lots of photos I've taken and lots of fun stories to share. (Oh, and did I mention today's the first day of my 3 week fall break??) Cuz that kinda helps.  :)


Jeremy DeBauche said...

So happy that you're writing again. I'm sure the Bunchkin anticipation meter is off of the charts waiting for their new beds! It will be interesting to see if they actually stay in their own beds or if they all end up in one :)

Mary said...

Can't wait to see their reaction to their new room...and can't wait to hear about their new adventures in three beds that can be reached by all. Who's going to sleep in who's bed first??

Anabelle said...

Umm I hope you are done decorating letters until I come over. I have 1 1/2 name to do, that's 8 letters, and I don't want to be the only one modge podgeing. But so far... Super cute! What is the little figure on Colton's name?

The Alexanders said...

Love it! I have very similar pillows for the fellas beds. I love anything that is monogrammed :) I also found the idea on pinterest!

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