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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tid Bits

All I have time for tonight are a few endearing photos from the past week.

And all this time, I thought it was my mom who was being so kind and doing our laundry for us during the day! Now I know she was secretly making the kids do it!

From the laundry room...
Down the hallway,

Into the living room.
Really? Could I BE more impressed with their teamwork?
Taking time out from laundry to brush the chompers.
Ethan and GG (who will be 101 years old next month!). He likes to open the lid on a step stool in her room where these wooden bowling pins are stored. He brings them to her one at a time. And she is such a good sport and totally plays along!

Before I go to bed for the night, I always go in and check on the babies one last time.It is then that I usually have to pry their little arms and legs from the slats in their cribs, reposition them onto their pillows and cover them up with their blankets. The other night, I went in and found this in Hunter's crib.
She was all curled up at the other end of the crib and 'her baby' was sleeping like the Princess and the Pea on the triple layered bed Hunter made for her. She's such a good mommy. :)

And one of my favorite moments this week came when I poured myself a glass of wine in front of Hunter and she inquired, "Das Mommy's Juice?" Uh, yes? I suppose we could call it juice...grape juice? :)

That's all she wrote for now!


Mary said...

Imagine what will come out of their mouths now, you and Brian better watch out!

And the feet in the slats is their way of saying...we are ready for beds : )

Anabelle said...

What happened to the boy's clothes from the hallway to the stairs? :)

I'd like to think the feet in the slats is a sign that they would only FALL out of big beds. Just sayin'. But then again my kid is almost 3 1/2, still in a crib and practically BEGGING to be in a big bed. So who am I to comment on the bed thing?

Kim said...

Gosh, Your Mom is resourceful, getting the kids to do your wash!! Nicely done! My stepmom, Vi, loves Yellowtail! Dave

Samantha said...

Looks like your cribs look like ours...teeth marks all over!

Jaymee said...

Go Grandma! Now I don't feel so bad about giving Trynn a wet wash cloth and letting her wipe down the legs to the kitchen chairs! And very interesting... my wine bottles are next to my coffee maker too! My two FAVORITE drinks: )

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