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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is it to late to turn back?

Woody and Woody say no. In fact, I'm pretty sure I just heard 'em say "Hey Howdy Hey, I'm in a carryon!"

Rest assured that Brian "accidentally on purpose" removed the batteries from Woody so as not to immediately alienate anyone sitting near us on what is apparently a very full flight. Awesome. Which makes me want to ask again...is it too late to turn back? :)

This is the part where I say, "I am mother, hear me roar," right? Cuz tomorrow, I'm taking 2 year old triplets on an airplane. Sober.

And so today, finally the packing and preparing began. I swear packing for myself is hard enough, add 3 other humans to the mix (Brian is responsible for himself) and it's really tough. Dinner tonight was pizza and ranch, cuz no one had time to cook. Clearly the Bunchkins enjoyed themselves.
So here's where we stand. Tomorrow morning, we drive to Phoenix, meet our friend Jen who will drive us to the airport and take our car home with her. This way, we can immediately begin our trip on the curb and not have to deal with the parking lot to airport shuttle. Thank you Jen.

Here's what we're taking-
3 carseats (which we will put on the plane)
3 small roller board suitcases that we will strap the carseats to as we stroll through the airport
(1 for my stuff, 1 for the babies' stuff, 1 for Brian's stuff)
1 bigger suitcase which we will check. (Supplies: diapers, wipes, helmets, bowls, forks, spoons, plates, blankets, crib sheets, etc.)
1 diaper bag for me
1 backpack for Brian
3 kids
2 adults
And a partridge in a pear tree. :)

(which, for the record holds the fewest clothes I've EVER taken on a trip.)


SYNCING MOVIES from itunes to the iPad we have so graciously been loaned... :) So that both sets of kids on both sides of the aisle can watch videos. (Nemo, Toy Story, Three Mouseketeers, Bolt, KungFu Panda, etc.)
So we will be flying directly to Kansas City, sitting in one row, (the Bulkhead) thank you very much Brenda for arranging that for us! When we arrive I will update the first portion of the trip as well as elaborate on why we are even flying to KC and what the schedule is!

So if you're a prayin kinda person, maybe say a little extra one for us tomorrow afternoon as we fly out!

Until then, Bon Voyage!


Jeremy DeBauche said...

You were reading my mind. Just shot a little prayer your way. Honestly, I kind of wish you had a way to wear a small video camera and record the experience so I could truly see what I have to look forward to in a few year. I really hope everything goes well for all five of you!

Just Jen said...

Hope you have a safe, fun-filled trip! I said a special prayer for your family.

Auntie Val said...

Safe travels. Prayers said...Have a wonderful trip. Passengers will be in awe of your three beautiful children and their organized Mommy and helper Daddy! Hugs to all. This really is an Adventure with the Bunchkins..Love ya!

Sarah said...

i would like to see the looks on people's faces as you roll three kids through the airport! priceless! have fun :)

Mary said...

I was think the same thing as Sarah...even without being strapped to a suitcase they get stares...Can't wait to hear all about it!

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