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Saturday, June 25, 2011

30 sandy toes

We made it! I'll be honest and say there is not much excitement to write about from the trip itself. Uneventful. Trip. Triplets. Rare to see those words together, but it's the truth. It seemed to go by pretty quickly too, I might add. I got all caught up on my celebrity gossip, watched every Disney Pixar movie created, and sang the A-B-C song enough times that I now dread going to back to work. (Teaching kindergarten.)

We stopped in Yuma and went to the same Applebees we went to last year. The food was delicious. The service was stellar. The only complaint really is the fact that they seated us at a table that was literally chin high for the babies and chest high for adults. Even Brian commented that he felt like they had seated us at the little kids' table for Thanksgiving. Had it not been for the effort involved in moving everything and everyone, we surely would've asked for a new table.
Poor kid. Can't even reach his straw.

For some reason, Colton had his chick radar set to high today. No joke, he was flirting with every female in the restaurant. He was batting his eyelashes, and making googly eyes at all the girls. It was seriously hilarious.

He even put his shades on (albeit upside down) for one of the ladies. You think I'm kidding. But I'm not.
And then, lunch ended, we got back in the car and suddenly the kids realized we were in Yuma.
And they fell asleep.
Hands behind the head and all.
Both of 'em.

Brian, on the other hand survived Yuma like a ROCKSTAR! (An orange Rockstar, to be exact.) Funny how a beverage that has existed for so long has only become really cool to me since our friend Dave Conca popularized it! For real! I can't see a ROCKSTAR and not think of him! So on our way through Yuma, I picked out an orange one, took a photo of Brian drinking it and then sent it to Dave! But alas, when we got to SD our cell reception was so poor that I could not email myself the photo for posting! Enter Dave! Luckily, he posted it on his blog, so with the beauty and ease of a Mac, I stole the photo right off his blog! Yippee!! And all is right with the world!

Alas, we made it to the beach and tested it out in the chilly air (68*).

Best Friends....In birth order. :) C, H, E

All the heartache in the world is made better when you say to your two year old triplets, "Hold hands. Hold hands." And they do.
Go ahead. I dare you not to say 'Awww!'

My littlest babies.
Interestingly, my mom and I are dressed wearing nearly the exact same colors. By accident of course. Cuz that would be so Jr. High of us to have done it on purpose. :)
To cap off the night, Aunt Mary-very Pregnant Aunt Mary- was kind enough to let the babies' pretend sleep in her pregnancy pillow.

Does she not look like a little bird in her nest?
And yes, she's pretend sleeping, with a pretend snore and all.
Silly girl.
Smart Girl.
And really, that's about all I have to report tonight. I'm doing my very, very, very best to restrain myself from taking over 1,000 photos this year. Cuz you fellow bloggers know what a pain that is to sift through when choosing photos to post! :)

So anyhoo, today was a good day. See you tomorrow.

Stay classy, San Diego. :)


Kim said...

Wow Ami, those beach photos of the triplets are beautiful!! Have a great time out there!
PS Little disappointed that the photo of Bryan enjoying the Rock Star was not included in your post...

Mrs. Lofgren said...

The pictures of Colton flirting are adorable! And the picture of the Bunchkins holding hands as they walk towards the ocean melted my heart! I hope you have a great vacation and I can't wait to read about the rest of your adventures!!!

Tim and Darcy said...

Yep, I'm sayin' it...AWWW!!!!
And I LOVE the junior high look you and your mom have going on....reminds me of me and my BFF back in the day....we'd call each other every morning to coordinate ;)
Hope you guys have a wonderful time!!!

Jeremy DeBauche said...

Looks like a fun trip! It's amazing to compare this years' photo to last years' and see how much they've grown. They also seem to do very well on trips. Praying we're half as lucky when it's time to travel :)

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