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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where'd she learn that?

And just when I thought we were done with the throwing up, I was awoken at 2:30 in the morning by my little Ethan Bear throwing, throwing, throwing up. So. Tired. Of. Puke. But I'll tell you what, he's learning so much about puking. I really think he 'gets' that it's easier and cleaner to barf into a toilet than on the carpet, crib, etc. (Which is not to say he didn't throw up in those places, cuz he did) But he couldn't help his little self...once he's able, he heads for the toilet. Like a champ.

Though we've talked to the kids a million times about sticking together and sharing, I DIDN'T MEAN regarding illnesses. But like a true sister, not wanting her brother to be alone, she too barfed in her crib. Which brings to me to parental sharing time... **Future parents of triplets or twins.., take note. My best piece of advice? LAYER, LAYER, LAYER the crib bedding and mattress protectors. Seriously, mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet. (and if you're feeling so inclined, go ahead and throw on a third layer.) Trust me, in the middle of the night, if you're lucky enough to have just one get sick or pee or poo the bed, it is SO nice to be able to reach down, (without turning on all the lights and waking up the other kids) and pull off the top sheet and mattress pad and voila! You're already ready to go with another clean set! No need to fuss with trying to make up a crib in the dark, at ungodly hours of the morning. Yes, I learned from experience. Mattress protectors are your friend.

But again, I digress.

Thankfully, after a very unsettling night, everyone appeared okay for the day. A little diarrhea, but no puke. I won't be so naive as to say I think we're in the clear though, because that's what I said yesterday. We'll revisit this issue in the morning. :)

I want to talk about Miss Hunter-Hunter O, Peanut, Sassafrass, Monkey, Hunter 'Livia.

Girl. Is. Smart. And you know I don't just go around tooting my own horn because in the same breath that I tell you Hunter is smart, I'd have to tell you that the boys don't follow directions for crap.

The thing is this-I'm a kindergarten teacher so I see every kind of ability there is. I know what kids are and are not capable of at that age. And Hunter can do things that many beginning of the year kindergartners can't do. And she just turned 2. She learns by watching. And apparently, she is ALWAYS watching. She knows things I have no idea she even knew existed. She uses language in ways that really do clarify what she's trying to say.

"Mama, Ethan poop again?" Yes, dear. He did.
"Daddy coffee? Daddy coffee hot?" Yep. Sure is baby girl.
"Daddy workin? Daddy work truck?" (She knows that the white truck is Daddy's work truck and the black truck is his regular truck.)
"Messy cookie. Wash hands?"
"Nemo Eating? Nemo eating food.?"
"Pipa sit on shoe." (our dog sat on her shoe)

Just a few minor examples of her language use. (I know this alone, does not make her brilliant).

She can also count. To 13. Her one-to-correspondence isn't perfectly up to par yet, but she can sure count.

She knows how to spell her name. "H-U-N-T-E-R." She knows which letter is the H and she usually knows which one is the t.

She knows her shapes-Circle, square, heart, star, usually triangle, and always, her favorite-the moon.

Puzzles are a piece of cake.

She knows many colors now and her vocabulary is just incredible.

Furthermore, she has apparently learned SO much from me....

The pout. She is perfecting it like a true mama's girl. My sister laughs every time she does it....the way she purses her lips and turns her head to the side, while her eyes remain forward...she says it's just like me.

Tonight we went to Cold Stone Creamery. Love the ice cream, but love the patio more. There's a great corridor, hallway thingy outside where the kids can run, run, run, run, run. And they did. But when they'd get to the end and pause long long enough to make us think they might turn left and run out of our line of sight, we'd yell, "STOP!"

And then, little mother Hunter would run as fast her little legs and arm wings could take her, to the end of the corridor, where her naughty brothers awaited, and she'd bend over slightly at the waist, put one hand on her hip and point the other hand right at her brothers and give them a verbal 'what-for' which for sure included the words, "No", "Stop" and "Come back." And wouldn't you know it? They turned right around and came back. How bout that? She is a little mother hen-a bossy one, but a good one.

That's my girl.

And how appropriate then is this mother's day card Hunter 'picked out' for me.

Happy Saturday friends. And don't forget to vote! Once a day! We've got a friendly triplet/quadruplet competition going on! But you know what I say...the Best things in life are THREE! :) If you agree, give us a click! And here's hopin for a puke free night! Good night all!


irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Crib layering-- crib lasagna!!! :) The best thought EVER!!!! We do it too and with a freshly potty trained 2 1/2 year old.. she has her accidents and I pat myself on the back every night when I don't wake up the other baby with ripping the layers off. :)

So sorry they barfed last night. Cheers to a barf-free night tonight!

She sounds like a brilliant girl! :) Just like her mama!

Bryan said...
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