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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Focus on the good...focus on the good...

Cuz people, it was one of THOSE days. Yep. You know the kind. The kind where you eventually just laugh because it can't possibly get any worse. Well, it couldn't, until you yell the 'F' word with serious gusto, in front of your 3 toddlers. But we'll get to that.

First, let's rewind. In the past 48 hours, my little girl has thrown up approximately 4 times. My boys have both thrown up approximately 3 times each. I threw up 3 times, (one time may or may not haven been outside a public establishment which shall remain unnamed, cuz I'd hate for any of you to stumble upon it and KNOW it was me who was responsible.) And if you know, don't rat me out. Or I'll throw up on you. :)

And the icing on the cake came today when Brian came home throwing up.

Freaking awesome.

The day began with me mustering just enough energy to sprinkle some knowledge on 21 kindergartners while my mom manned the throw up gates in toddler town. My school day ended with my good friend Nicole calling me frantically asking if I could leave school early to come see if I thought her daughter needed stitches in her head. I did. And she didn't. But we did manage to slap on a really cool butterfly bandage topped with a pretty cool Ernie bandaid. Oh, AND we moved a heavy damn desk up a flight of stairs. :)

Next stop? Home. The kids were already asleep when I got here. (Thank you, Mom.) So I was able to get to work on the thousands of 'end of year' stuff that needs to be worked on. In the meantime, I was plotting a trip to several stores in preparation for a baby shower at school for my sister. Brian agreed to be home to watch the kids so I could run out and do my errands. That plan went awry the minute he walked in the door throwing up.

Normally, this is not a big deal. I can certainly take three kids out by myself. The problem was that I would now have to wait until they woke up from their naps (4:30) instead of going early AND who knew if one of them was going to throw up in public. Before we could go, I knew I had to swap out strollers in the Suburban. The triple wide is not suitable for doorways, etc. and it has no storage, so I needed to swap it for the quad. Let me just put this simply. It's awkward, it's heavy and it's extremely hard to maneuver. ESPECIALLY without knocking your kid out who actually thinks he's helping you lift the stroller. Top that with the fact that I parked too far forward to even get the triple into the garage. Again, normally not a big deal to simply move the car back, but it's SO a big deal when 3 kids are roaming around the car like crazy chickens.

So, I realize I will need to put them IN the car and THEN pull it back to move the stroller in. Only then do I realize that I forgot to reinstall Colton's car seat which I'd removed the day before. If there's one thing I hate doing, it's installing carseats. I literally sweated myself to death getting the seat back in , the kids back in, and the stroller in. Oh and then lugging the quad into Burb. And finally, I pulled out and headed for Target. (The only place I could pretty much consolidate all my trips into. )

It's at this point that my mom calls to warn me that she is feeling sick, which I interpet to mean I may have to stay home from school tomorrow. Again normally not a big deal except for the testing that's happening in Kinder tomorrow, as well as the Baby Showers I'm co-throwing for Mary at school. Immediately my mind is trying to find the solution for this possible dilemma.

In the meantime, we pull into Target, I take out the quad stroller, I open the passenger door to get my purse, and then it happened. "AW F&#@! Are you F-ing kidding me??"

Yes. Yes. I dropped the ultimate F-bomb in front of my toddlers as I realized that my purse was not in fact, on my seat where it should be. No no, it was still in the flippin garage. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!

Mary saved the day and brought me my purse as she drove past my house.

We shopped. Kids screamed. Kids bit. Kids had to leave the premise with Aunt Mary. Twice.

8:00 bed time could not come soon enough. Particularly after 2 boxes of Capri Suns came flying out of the back of the Suburban ON to my foot.

And that was my day.
But in my usual optimistic fashion, I shall leave you with some good from the day. Here goes.

Sick kids mean snuggly kids. :)
The mailbox today delivered me 2 terrific presents...

My new license plate.
Oh yeah. I'm THAT mom.
And my 3 traveling toddler straps for KC!! Woohoo!
Okay friends, I can't do any more. I must go to bed now. I hope your day is a wonderful one!


Samantha said...

Quad stroller?! Wow! At Target I just put my daughter in the front and the boys sit in back. You are brave!

Jennifer said...

I love you always see the positive, despite the overwhelming! Hope the flu bug leaves your house soon and things get back to normal!!!

Tim and Darcy said...

Oh so glad I'm not the only one who hits the F bomb threshold every now and then - hehe ;) Love the license plate!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like tonight might be a big wine glass night for you! :) Happy Friday! G-

Jeremy DeBauche said...

I'm sure you get frustrated more than you let on, but you do have a knack for finding the positive, which I have to imagine is a plus when you're a triplet mom. Btw, I think rockin' the license plate will be pretty cool.

Jen said...

LOVE the license plate!! Hope everyone feels better soon

Sarah said...

love that you can still see the good! i'm trying desperately to do that these days... it's not easy! hopefully your day was better today :)

Mary said...

That was definitely the most frustrated I've seen you since probably before they were born! And I will add that you stayed up till 2 in the morning doing more school/baby shower stuff! But I so appreciated all your hard work at school : )

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