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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What will they remember?

You guys are the best readers EVER! Thanks for the encouraging words...I got lots of great suggestions to keep me going for the next 5 days. Dave, I'd love to post some recipes, but honest to God, I can't cook. No seriously. The best I can do is pancakes, which you'll see below, and anything that goes in the microwave. That's it! So I'm stealing all of your "Kimmy Recipes" now...Jen H., thank you for the ideas! I'm using one tonight!

Think back to your childhood...what do you remember? Games you played, places you went, foods you ate? Pets you had? That's what tonight's post is all about. It's Volume 1, because I know there's gonna be more. Here's are some things I hope my kids remember about growing up...

1. I hope they'll remember mama's French Pancakes... (crepes). I remember MY mom making them and it's one of the few things I actually cook well and luckily my Bunchkins love them as much as I do....it's the easiest recipe known to man. 3 eggs, a cup of flour, and a cup of milk. Blend with a whisk, then pour into a pan using a 1/3 cup measuring cup to pour. Rotate the handle enough to spread the batter around the pan, about as thin as a tortilla. Let it cook about 1 minute on each side. Serve however you like! We usually do butter, syrup and powdered sugar! If there are strawberries in the house, all the better!! Enjoy!

2. This is kind of a strange one, but I hope they remember our first house, specifically the hallway. I hope they have flashbacks of launching cars and trucks full speed ahead the entire length of the hallway. Or rolling balls, or running back and forth yelling "Go, go, go!" with crazy stuff on their heads!

3. On the same note, I hope they remember playing with one another in and out of the living room curtains. Even though the game inevitably ends with Brian yelling at them to "Get out of the curtains!" they have such fun mushing their faces into the sheers, with "Peek-a-boos" abounding. I could watch them all day. Brian, not so much.

4. I hope they remember their cool triple wagon. I hope someday when they're in college, (all at the same college, of course) the conversation will somehow come up, and they'll all talk about that wagon and how they used to pull each other in it and how they learned to climb in and out of it. It really is a cool wagon, "the train" as we call it.
5. I hope they remember road trips to Phoenix to see Nana and Papa and Auntie Kristen. Brian and I love taking road trips and the kids have such fun any time we go. I hope they remember the drive as much as they remember things they do while we're there.
6. Piper....their first dog. Brian's and my first dog. She is every bit a part of their life as any other human member. She loves these kids dearly (more so when they're not screaming or playing their recorders.) She was so protective of me when I was pregnant and now she watches over them..On the same note I'd like to think they'll somehow remember their first cats, Jag and Gracie because the kids love them dearly. Mostly, they love to yell "Meow" anytime they see one.
7. "GG" or "Gigi" (in your best French Accent) as Hunter calls her. I hope they remember their Great Gramma Russo who was over 100 years old. I'd like to think they'll remember her black walker/chair she used to let them ride around in and how they used to walk around the house with her canes. I hope they remember her white hair and how she'd always call Ethan "Etan", and how she used to sit and watch them play for hours. Yeah, I hope they remember GG.
8. Specifically, I hope Hunter remembers sitting on the bathroom counter while I get ready. I hope she remembers putting on "her makeup" (which, by the way she TOTALLY gets. Girl knows exactly where every item goes.) I want her to remember how we'd do her hair and paint her nails...

Okay there ARE more. Lots. And it were a different month, I'd take my time to at least come up a top TEN list, not just a top EIGHT. But it's March, I need to do a blog a day, and it's less than half an hour till midnight, so I need to go ahead and hit PUBLISH!

So thanks again for cheering me on! We're almost done with March! Yeehaw!


Samantha said...

Such a great post! I too cannot cook. My husband does all the meals around here. I hope my kids remember our G.G. (same name we use!) She actually helped me out with them for a couple of months when they were babies.

Anabelle said...

Totally stealing this idea! So cute. And if they don't remember on their own, they'll have this blog to help!
I hope they remember coming to Albuquerque and trying AND failing to see the Balloon Fiesta :)

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