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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

31 New Reasons I love Tuesdays

1. Bubblegum
2. Chocolate Chip
3. Rainbow Sherbert
4. Rocky Road
5. Strawberry
6. Mint Chocolate Chip
7. Chocolate Chip
8. Daiquiri Ice.....

Thank you Paige for informing us of $1 scoop Tuesdays at Baskin Robbins!! I love me some Cherries Jubilee and $1.00 makes it even more delicious!! Tonight we hopped on over there (as a little pre-triplet birthday celebration) with Mary, Mom and Al. (Thanks for the ice cream, Al.) It was a perfectly delicious outing with three extremely well behaved children and 5 mostly well-behaved adults. :)

(Cellphone Quality pics...sorry, it's all I had)


Lorie said...

Ami..I am SO HAPPY you found my blog! I seriously stalk yours, and love when you do your monthly post challenges! Your family is so cute and I adore your triplet story! We have come a long way from that dirty frat boy house!!!

Anabelle said...

Let's make a Baskin Robbins date for April 5! Can't beat 4 toddlers and $1 ice cream!

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