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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shopping with Kids. Lessons in Patience.

First of all, let's just say I am relieved that the kids are still young (and somewhat clueless) enough that we can still take them shopping with us, despite the fact that we are shopping FOR them. Like the rest of the city, we stupidly braved Toys R Us a couple Saturdays ago (mistake) with the 3 kids, their gigantic quad stroller, AND a shopping cart. We might as well have picked up a megaphone to help us clear the way, "PARDON US, BUNCH CIRCUS OF 5 COMING THROUGH. SCUSE ME, PARDON ME. YES, WE'RE ALL TOGETHER."

In retrospect, Brian was probably glad that it was as crazy as it was, because it shortened our time in Toy-Land exponentially. Normally, I would have analyzed every aisle, and every toy in every aisle. Then I would've asked him, "Do you think Hunter would like this?" (To which he'd respond "yes".) And then I'd put it back on the shelf saying, "Yeah, I think she would too, but let's just make sure there's not other stuff she'd like better first." (This is classic Ami shopping style.) I can see where this would drive any guy crazy.

But because we could barely navigate 3 feet in any direction without being bumped by, cut off by, or stopped dead in our tracks by some other (mostly rude) shoppers, we had to have a different plan. Brian pretty much took the babies in the quad stroller and did his own adventuring, while I took my cart and literally THREW items in the cart (2 of each of the boy things) and then a girl item. Madness I tell you. Madness. I'm not sure if I loved it or hated it, to be totally honest. It was seriously reminiscent of the old Supermarket Sweep game! Throw as many items in your cart as you can before the buzzer goes off. No kidding. It was with reckless abandon that I was choosing items for the trio. When we got to the checkout counter, I honestly did even know exactly what I had put in the cart. So it was like Christmas all over again!

Anyway, I should point out (so that years from now, when my kids read this) that the Bunchkins were so amazing. Despite the ooooodles of other kids who were running amuck in that store, they were so content to sit in their stroller and behave. LOVIN ME THOSE BUNCHKINS. And it should be said also, that Brian was extremely well behaved also. He didn't complain one bit!

So that was the first real Christmas shopping we had done. Fast forward to this last weekend, we had to take the Bunchkins with us to Target to do a little more shopping. Couple factors in our favor this time...

1. It was later in the evening, hence the babies were somewhat tired.
2. The aisles in Target were MUCH wider than the ones at Toys R Us.

So Brian and I tooled around, threw some more stocking stuffers in our cart and just as we were making our way to the checkout, we see Aunt Mary and Uncle Emilio. (Cue the music...dun, da dun dun DUUUUUUNNN.)

So much for our sedated Bunchkins. Seeing those two people instantly lights up 6 little eyes! Now, Mary has seen what happens at the grocery store when you let a kid out of the stroller. BAD IDEA. So, while they're anxiously trying to figure out how to unstrap themselves, she says to them, "Mommy says I can't take you out!" (CUE THE GUILT RIDDEN MOMMY.) Ah, what the heck...there are 4 adults and 3 kids. How bad can it be?

(Never utter those words or you're asking for it.) Actually, they were cute as buttons running all over the place. But that's just it, they wanted to run all over the place. And they did. Sometimes in a pack of 3, and sometimes by themselves. I would by lying if I said my heart was not totally overflowing with love, watching them all together, running down the aisles...As Brian tells me, "You growed them with love, honey." Yes, I did.

They shopped for wallets, watches, purses and even some clothes. Such good little shoppers.
(No seriously, Colton is actually analyzing his selection)
"I pick this one for mommy!"
Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Ethan Man!

Aunt Mary helps them make their final selections
Ethan, do you like this one?
(He didn't. But Hunter does!)
Be free! Be free!

Devilishly plotting his next move..
Mama caught you!

As with so many others, all good things must come to an end. Somebody did NOT want to get back into that stroller.

Side note:
Rest assured...one thing they'll be getting in their stockings this year?

New toothbrushes.
Thank you, Hunter.
Happy Holidays all...and stay tuned for MORE shopping/holiday adventures including another, much less stressful shopping outing with Grampa and the Girls, Christmas at Grammy's and A Christmas trip to Phoenix!


Lawson and Ians' Mum said...

One word for Christmas shopping.............Amazon!

Anabelle said...

Of course they were good at Target... It's the happiest place on EARTH!

Anonymous said...

ummm ami, i do believe that is a turtle neck you are wearing in case you didn't catch that.

Mary said...

Anabelle- I didn't take them out of the stroller without permission...just want to make that clear, even though I used a little guilt : )

Watson said...

What would you say the weight limit is on your swing? I saw the same one from Australia and also thought, "I could make that." but never did anything with my thoughts. If I made one for my 9 month old then my 2 year old will want to swing too so I would need to make 2. She is 25 pounds. What do you think?

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