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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3 bowls + 3 kids = tons o' fun

Being a kindergarten teacher, I am all for "direct instruction" for my kiddos from time to time. For instance, I'll pull out the blocks and model appropriate play (ie. not THROWING them, but rather stacking, building,etc.) or take out puzzles and practice with them. And to be totally honest, they dig it. They like to have grown ups play with them, mostly because they completely thrive on positive reinforcement when they've done something well.

However, there's just something about inventive play that makes me all giddy. Tonight, the subject was tupperware-bowls to be exact. Colton started it. He found that a bowl not only serves to hold food and things but it doubles as an awesome hat. And let me just tell you what fun he was having. All by himself.

But, as with most things in this house, and in the land of triplet-ville, fun, by anyone's SELF is short-lived. The moment another Bunchkin catches on to the great activity, he or she joins right in. And so, the story goes. For the next hour (that is not an exaggeration) all three Bunchkins played with their awesome helmet hats. They were totally oblivious to my mad picture taking!

Colton, the ring leader
Hunter joins the fun

And Ethan found his own hat in the cupboard!
(For the record, yes, his face is really as dirty as it appears. We were playing in the front yard, in the driveway for a little while and their hands were covered with black ick from the tire marks on the driveway. My bad.
And could we all stop and marvel at my great new find?? A 12 foot runner for $19.00. Wahooo! Got it from the Lillian Vernon catalog! It's even rubber backed so it doesn't slide around, much.

Furthermore, until just now, I had no idea their mirror was THAT filthy! Gross! I'll be working on that in a minute...

So there's no bowls in this photo...just happy smiles from me and my girl
Kisses for mommy? LOVE IT!

Who knew a bowl could be so much fun??


The Alexanders said...

As I am reading this one of mine is running around with a bowl on his head!!! Crazy babies hahaha - Parallel lives :)

Rosey said...

Love your pictures!, Love the Bunchkins!! Don"t they just have the greatest minds?!!

Emma aka Rufus said...

Aunt Ami, my "cousins" are so adorable! Who knew bowls were great accessories! Love you all and miss you MOCHO! :)

Mary said...

He is definitely the ring leader...they are ready for the "Exploration Room."

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I have been reading through your posts and I just love the adorable Bunchkins: Colton the leader, Hunter the feisty and smart, and sweet little Ethan. Good luck to you and your littles!

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