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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gymnastics, Rodeo, Circus?

It's late at night, Brian's been out of town all week, & I've just spent the past 2 hours cleaning up the messes my kids are so great at making (mostly so my poor mom doesn't have to clean it AGAIN tomorrow when she "Bunchkin-sits.) And I am ready for bed. But first, I just wanted to share with the world what I live with...Do you see this little face above? That is my spunky little firecracker of a daughter. It's as if she channels spunkiness through her 'piggytails.' She is a pistol. And boy do we love her! On several occasions we've called her "PJ", short for 'poetic justice', aka, what went around 33 years ago, is coming back 'round'....

She is a ring leader of all things troublesome these days...That's not to say the other two aren't equally mischievous...Just look at the trouble they've been finding...

I'm considering relocating all the kitchen utensils to the playroom, since they are CLEARLY more fun than actual kid toys.
And my friend Nicole gave us this great horsey...Oh how we love the horsey.
Yeehaw! Giddy up horsey...I know what you're thinking. "This isn't so bad? What kind of trouble is she causing here? Well..... wait for it....wait for it.....
Aaaannnd.....now you know.
You've got to be kidding me Hunter Olivia.
Are we training for gymnastics here? The rodeo? The circus? All I know is that she has no fear and that is a little bit scary. I know Aunt Mary is chewing me out as she reads this. She would definitely NOT approve of the fact that I am allowing Hunter to stand on the pony while I take pictures!
Not even Ethan's violent shaking of the reigns could stop her! These two had quite a bit of fun together today!

As you can also see here...
Colton is obsessed with the toilet {gag}...He's clearly disgusted with something in that toilet bowl. Just look at that face and that adamant pointing. Whatever buddy. Clean it yourself, then.
And now he's digging through the trash can. Awesome.
And then there's sweet Ethan.....outside of the box.
Oh. Just kidding. Now he's in the box. Taking after his sister..
And that's all folks. I hope you are enjoying your evening. I'm off to bed!


Nicole said...

Love it! Oh and I have THE EXACT SAME PICTURE of Brody on the horsey at the gym.... and on a tricycle! Maybe they could all so an act together:)

The Alexanders said...

Oh my goodness! My fellas are into those kinds of crazy stunts too! The other day I looked over and Nathan had both of his feet standing on a ball! Needless to say it did not last long hahaha!

Anabelle said...

Well, Let's add Jaxon to that act with Hunter & Brody! Aren't you glad you're not alone?

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