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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Three Bigger Bunnies

Happy Easter everyone! And my, where did the time go? This holiday was a little strange for me because it was the first holiday that the babies have now celebrated two of in their little lifetimes!

Last Easter our Bunchkins were just a few weeks old and were still in the NICU, so we only got to mildly celebrate with them! Nevertheless, they were still wearing theirAdd Video adorable bunny ears WITH all their wires and tubes!

So this year surprisingly, MANY of you remembered this picture and asked if I would please do a comparison photo from Easter then and now. So...I did. However, the babies are not as compliant as they once were about us putting things on their heads so in our rush, I wasn't able to switch Colton and Ethan's ears, so they're wearing the opposite color this year...oh well!

April 2009, 2 1/2 weeks old
April 2010, 1 year old

ETHAN BUNNY...then and now

HUNTER BUNNY...then and now
COLTON BUNNY...then and nowAmazing is all I have to say about those pictures...
So as grateful as I was to have those babies in my life last Easter, I won't lie, this Easter was much more fun because the babies are older and actually get into things. So this year, we let them in on the egg decorating action...and for a few fleeting moments they were even good enough sports that they wore their ears!

And then, we decorated our little hearts out! They more or less ate Puffs and watched!
The Boys

Though I usually get mildly annoyed that I will never be remembered in my kids pictures because I'm usually the one TAKING the pictures, today I refused to be caught on film, on account of not having showered or even attempted to get ready at all on this day, (and egg coloring didn't start till 5:30 pm) eeew...So though I was here and loving these moments, I was happy to stay on the other side of the camera!

Ethan began making sort of a "reverse raspberry" face...something more like a fish face with a funny pucker sound. He was quite enjoying this newfound skill!
So that was all Easter Eve...this is Easter Morning! Now, I'm not going to lie. I kinda dropped the ball this year on Easter Baskets. No seriously. And it wasn't for lack of being somewhere where I could've gotten basket stuffers because hello?--Target is my home away from home. And yes, I avoided the Easter Section with all the crazed people just like I always do. And then last night, I realized that this year I SHOULD'VE BEEN ONE OF THOSE CRAZED SHOPPERS!! I have kids now!! Oops...

Well luckily, the babies got Embroidered Easter Baskets last year from our friend Paula, so we used them again! (And for forever more, I would imagine!) And I found the Stuffed Bunnies that our friends the Corbellis gave the babies last Easter so I put those back in (which was kind of cool because last year, the babies were just a little bit longer than the bunnies and this year, well, they were HUGE compared to them! Then they also got bubbles from my mom, and stuffed Spring animals from my mom's neighbor Gerri! On top of all that, we added the Easter Cards they got from their Nana and Papa Bunch and others!

So this turned out to be a joint effort! Brian was actually kind enough to run to Target to get some candy to put in their baskets, to which I questioned "what kind of candy would we even PUT in their baskets since they don't eat it?" "Duh"...he says. The kind that WE like. So he comes home with a bag of Kit Kats, York Peppermint Patties, Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's Almond Nuggets. And it wasn't even candy from the Easter section!! Oh well...next year I'll be more prepared!
So after the babies were awake and had had a bowl of cheerios and strawberries, we took them out of their highchairs, walked them down the end of the hallway, sat them down and began OUR family's tradition!

The Easter Bunny had left his powdery tracks down the hallway and into the playroom where he'd dropped a few eggs and left some baskets for the babies! Slowly but surely, they followed those tracks, found their eggs, cracked their eggs and then found their Easter Baskets! It was just so fun to watch their excitement...
The good dad, capturing it all on the flip cam! Colton found the blue egg with his name on it!
Of course, Colton put that blue egg RIGHT into his mouth!
Where it may have left.....
a little bit of a stain! Oops! Again, had I been more prepared, I would likely have left them PLASTIC eggs to find! (And then again, the blue and orange faces are part of the memories and the fun!)

Shortly thereafter, Hunter found the orange egg with her name on it! She would make a good tracker some day. She literally followed that bunny trail ....
Hunter tasting her egg and Ethan just finding his green egg.
Do you see it? Do you see it? Look at his right hand. Do you see how that little middle finger is reaching out to touch that egg?! It's absolutely hysterical how he uses that finger. Always.
Somebody's pretty tickled with herself...
And very, very curious.
The Bunchkins

Finally, it was after too many egg shell pieces had found their way to the floor and we took the eggs away, did the babies even notice their baskets!

Later that afternoon, Grampy Sam and Gramma Debi stopped by to say hello and play a little!
This second video is of the babies first time seeing the bunny tracks! I posted them in the wrong order...For the record, Hunter was not crying because of the bunny....

This video captures SOME of the babies' first moments....as you will see, this particular video clip comes AFTER Colton has already found his blue egg...My favorite moment comes at :40sec in...watch how gentle Ethan is with his egg...and then watch the middle finger! Enjoy and happy Easter to you all!


Mary said...

I can not believe it's been a year!! I remember vividly getting those onsies to the NICU nurses so they could put them on to surprise you when you came on easter to see them. And I also can't believe you got a picture of them with all their ears still on : ) Such cute bunnies they are!

Anabelle said...

Your babies were switched too! They have changed so much. They just get cuter and cuter.

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