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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Highlights from my day :)

You never really realize all of what goes on in a day until you purposely and purposefully take care to remember the little things. Well, I had already decided that this would be the theme of todays blog, so once I found my camera I decided to capture the things that made me smile today, from start to finish.

For starters, my cousin Jenna, who currently lives in Colorado (I say currently because it is my mission that she will someday, when the timing is right, come to live in Arizona with us!) She flew in for a quick 3 day visit and it was such fun having her here. She got quite a dose of Bunchkin-ness and as my sister Mary said this morning, she will leave here either never wanting to have kids or wanting to have multiples! We'll see...She left us early this afternoon, so to send her off with a full belly, we went to the Good Egg for Breakfast with my mom, sister and the babies. Mary came straight from the Race for the Cure. Go Mary! (And go me for getting 3 babies fed, ready and out of the house by myself, ON TIME!)

Mary and Hunter, Jenna and Colton, Me and Ethan (I see that Ethan's belly is a little overwhelming...sorry bout that!)
Jenna and her "Auntie Deb" (my mom)

As soon as breakfast was over, I took the babies home to nap. Which turned into playing first and then napping. Here is Ethan Bear enjoying the solitude he momentarily has in the playroom.
Another highlight was my continuing progress in the playroom! I hodge-podged (podge-podged, mod-podged...call it what you want) more letters for each of them. Then I hung an 8x10 photo of almost everyone...I had to reorder Ethan's since we'd had a little mix up the day before. Will update another picture when the wall is complete...
And the rug. Oh the rug. Amazing how something as simple as that can make me feel so giddy! I love everything about it....it's soft, I love the color, the size and I even love the fact that all of our pets enjoy it as much as the babies and I do. (Makes for more vacuuming, but since when have I ever complained about vacuuming?)

And I'm not gonna lie. While I genuinely was hoping Colton would forget about the dog door, I couldn't help but smile when I say him playing there today. I thought he was just playing with the plastic door flaps but then I noticed why all the commotion....Piper was trying to come in but did not want to bulldoze Colton. :) Don't you love the nose sticking through the door? So cute.
And then, as if that weren't bad enough, apparently little miss "I do what Colton does" came on over to check out the action.
No kidding, he kept hitting that flap making it swing back and forth. It's as if he's trying to sell her on how much fun it is.
"What mommy? I was just sitting here. I wasn't doing anything wrong."
Then I smiled because I still have flowers blooming in my backyard. I'm sure this is a record of some kind. I have kept them alive since March 19th...today is April 11th. Keep your fingers crossed! They really are so nice to look at.
The weeds are so NOT. The almost green grass makes me very happy.....
And new shoes worn by my little girl, taken off after we watered our flowers....those make me smile.
Ethan's crawl. That makes me smile. Mostly the idea that he's trying....
And oh, how excited he gets with himself. :)
Post nap playtime. That made me smile today. The fact that I have 3 children. And a playroom. With a soft green rug. And children who actually like to play together.
And semi-pose for Mommy.
Ethan and Piper ALWAYS make me smile. Especially when they're together.
It was the ball train! THey totally did this on their own.
So Colton tried to get in on it too....
An unexpected find in Hunter's closet made us all smile. This was my friend Nicole's daughter Delaney's Halloween costume a few years ago. She passed it on to Hunter to wear someday. It's still big on her, so it might be perfect come October...Nonetheless, so darn cute.
Baby Bumblebee Butt
Dinner time and messy faces. Always a fun part of the day.

And the day ended with my babies playing all by themselves, quietly even, in their playroom while I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. I managed to secretly snap this picture without disturbing the peace...From here? Bottle and bed. Now THAT'S always a highlight!

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Your blog makes me smile :)

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