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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bubbles, Stairs and Smackdowns!

Much to my dismay, NOW, I have stairs in my house-15 of them to be exact, plus 2 landings. Plus 2 cats who spend a great deal of time lounging on the stairs. Well, I now know that Hunter can make it from bottom to top in about 2 minutes (less when there's a cat or 2 as her reward at the top.) She's darn quick that girl!! The best part though is after about every 3 stairs, she turns around to look at any and all of her audience and puts one hand up as if to say, "So, whad'ya gonna do about this?" To which I say, "you go girl," smile, beam and then get ready to catch! I'm never sure which of us is more proud...

Ethan is finally starting to crawl! And if it's possible, all three of my children have 100% different crawls! You've seen Hunter's low crawl, you've seen Colton's high crawl. Well Ethan, lying on his stomach, back slightly arched so his hands and feet are both in the air, then reeeeaaaches forward, puts both palms down and pulls his entire weight forward a few inches. Frankly, his takes the most effort. I think the more he attempts this, he'll figure out that there are much easier ways. I haven't gotten a great video of him in action just yet, but I will soon...for now, you can enjoy this video of him catching bubbles in our living room. I don't know what it is exactly, but I'm just reminded how innocent they are when their eyes completely light up at something as simple as bubbles falling in the house...Absolutely adorable!

Colton continues to be the bully, er, I mean leader. :) (Well he is!) But man, it is so fun to watch the things he gets into! I've already said what a fantastic ball player he is. But Colton's new thing is hitting Hunter and Ethan on the head with both of his hands. And I'm not talking lightly. He really whacks them. Hunter doesn't take it. She'll either move or swat at him. Ethan however, pretty much lets him. He cries and gets upset but still lets him. I look at Colton and in my best "stern mommy" voice say, "Colton, No. Be Gentle." He stops, looks at me, wondering why my voice isn't as chipper as it usually is, and then turns back to Ethan and smacks him again. "Colton, I said NO. Gentle." Again he stops, momentarily looks stunned that he got caught and then once again proceeds to put the smack down on his brother. At this point, I now have to SHOW him what gentle looks like as together we "pet" Ethan's head softly and then I have to move him to something else...Oh boy. Life is just getting interesting!

This exchange between Colton and Hunter (2 babies) and the phone (1 phone) ended with him smacking her over the head when she took the phone away from him!


Mary said...

I can't wait to blow bubbles with them! It looks so fun : ) Hunter is never going to let anyone push her around after a childhood with her big brother! She is a tough little girl : )

Anabelle said...

I just bought Jaxon the same shirt Ethan is wearing in this post! They'll have to wear them at the same time this summer.

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