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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'll have a Valentine Birthday with a side of eggs please.

Happy 61st Birthday to my Dad...his first official birthday as Grampa Sam! He is a Valentine's Day Baby which always makes for fun celebrations. This year, we did things a little differently, because well, life is different these days. Rather than a raging nighttime party, we opted for a much more respectable breakfast at The Good Egg! Little by little, we're getting better at bringing the babies to eating establishments where good behavior is sort of expected. (At Taco Bell, no one seems to care when your kids do crazy things) Gulp...fingers cross....hope for the best. So after we settled the question of how many in our party? Let's see? Is it a party of 5? Party of 8? Alas, party of 5 adults and 3 high chairs. (That's the other thing we're having to become aware of-which restaurants even HAVE 3 high chairs!)

So we settled in, armed with toys, food and lots of distractions, ready to exit the restaurant promptly at the first sign of a disgruntled Bunchkin. And here's the thing-and I am not just saying this because I happen to have given birth to them, the babies were absolutely wonderful. No seriously. They did not cry. They did not scream. Colton entertained himself in his own high chair down at the end of the table with Uncle Emilio, Hunter sat on Aunt Mary's lap until our food came and had some yogurt and bits of french toast, and Ethan sat beside Grampa and me and rotated which side of his highchair he would drop his next toy.

I cannot say it enough. I am sincerely in awe of these babies. I know that I MUST be somewhat biased, but seriously, they are so well-behaved, especially in public. I mean c'mon, admit it. You had to have thought that taking 10 and 1/2 month old triplets to a restaurant would've surely ended in disaster, right? I think that same thing often, and honestly, it never does. (Don't worry, I am not naive enough not to think that my day will come) but for now, I will continue to be a very proud mother of triplets. I know that this sweetness and love of laughter is because they are constantly surrounded by calm, fun-loving, good-natured people. So thank you all for making my kids the wonderful little people they are. Hope your Valentine's Day was just as sweet...

Grampa Sam and Hunter
(Yes,she still wears her helmet, but I gave them a bath just before we got to the restaurant so it did not have time to dry.)
Brian, Hunter and Aunt Mary

Hunter and Aunt Mary, Uncle Emilio and Colton
Grampa and Ethan
Brian and Colton...he's not a baby anymore....such the little man.
Me and Ethan. Nevermind what I said about them being Happy Children. Clearly this one is NOT happy. :)
Valentine's Bears from Starbucks, in keeping with our early rooted traditions of Sunday morning coffee dates from the time the babies were just born!
Colton reading his card from Grampa Sam
Ethan reading his card
and Hunter reading her card
The Montes' with the Bunchkin Boys!

Happy Valentine's Day.
There are more pictures to come from Valentine's Day but they are on my sister's camera which she decided to take away from me so she could actually use it! Whatever! :)


The Alexanders said...

Your little guys and gal look so happy! We have not ventured to go out to eat with our fellas yet...on the list of things to do so I just hope that it goes half as smoothly as it does for you guys!

Marci said...

They are all so cute! I must say that I love Hunters little shoes! I can't believe that they are 10 1/2 months already!

Marcy said...

Awe, I got to see that group pic taken as I was finishing my breakfast! What a great start to my day!

Rowan said...

Great photos of Grampa Sam's birthday. The thing that caught my eye the most is how truly happy Brian looks. I love looking at your photos Ami, keep it up, you truly are remarkable. I'm glad they're all so well behaved while dining out, they'll just get better and better at it. Rowan insists on ordering for himself now when we go out. He ordered a "cocktail" a few weeks ago. No, he's not hitting the bottle at an early age, it's his own signature drink, OJ & cranberry juice. Happy belated Valentine's Day to the Bunchkins!

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