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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All for one and one for all!

These smiles are contagious...there's no doubt about that. You'd think having three babies the exact same age would cause more stress than smiles, but I feel the opposite is true entirely!

These 3 crack me up! Though I certainly do not feel that my life is any better than anyone else's I actually feel SO LUCKY that I get to watch these 3 monkeys interact with one another every single day! Especially the age they are now...they interact with one another, peacefully and sometimes not, they laugh at each other, they steal toys from each other, and they play with one another. There's never a dull moment with triplets!

Here is a random collection of pictures displaying our love (and sometimes not so much) for each other!

Yes, we bathe together, we eat together, play together, and sleep together (Well, same room, same time, different cribs!) Recently, they've really taken notice of each other at meal times, not just the food on the spoon!
I was not quick enough with the camera, but on this particular occasion, Colton (in the middle) kept turning to Ethan on his left then reach out and hold his hand. Then he'd drop it, turn to Hunter and do the same thing! It was the cutest darn thing! Hunter started to get annoyed with him, but hey, isn't that what sisters are supposed to do to their brothers?
Brotherly love...
Sisterly annoyance...

(Also known to Colton as "Toy Roundup Time" as he has recenly shown himself to be the stealer of ALL the toys....)
I'd like you to watch this series of 5 pictures. Ethan is playing happily on his side. But Hunter and Colton are having a bit of a "tiff"... Let's take a look at my thief...
Step 1: Colton has the ball, Hunter has the plastic cell phone.
Step 2: Uh Oh! Colton spies the cell phone and decides he MUST have it.

Step 3: Ah ha! Theft successful...now look who has the phone!
Step 4: Look who is now flaunting the fact that he has the cellphone!
Step 5: Hunter realizes she's been duped...poor girl.

(Or SCREAMING time!)
Okay, this is a subject that really perplexes me. When the babies were very, very young I used to vacuum right in front of them, right underneath the bouncy seats they were sitting in, I'd vacuum when they were awake, i'd vacuum when they were asleep! No problems with the vacuum! Until now!
They are 9 months old and are basically terrified of it now. And I do not know when this happened...I have a vague recollection of vacuuming around them all in their exersaucers and one time bumping Ethan's, which startled him but seriously, he's taken worse hits than that from his brother and sister. So I don't know if that was the start of this fear or what. But now, all I can think of is the old movie "Mr. Mom" with Michael Keaton, where the kid is terrified of the vacuum, (which they affectionately called "Jaws".) And now, it's not just Ethan that screams, it's all of them. Seriously, all for one and one for all! And it doesn't even have to be the big vacuum, they're equally terrified of my Black and Decker dust buster! I sent Hunter into a crying fit just this morning when I attempted to quickly dust bust the baseboards for animal fur!
So this is the trio, with the vacuum OFF. I was trying to get them to touch and it and be friends with the vacuum. :)
Look how dainty Ethan is...."I'll just touch it lightly with my little finger, mommy."

And Hunter..."Can I be done now,Mommy? See? I'm touching it."

Hope you enjoyed my post of "togetherness with triplets!"


kershner3 said...

Super cute pictures! Kara AND Jenna both still hate the vaccuum and the blender. Once they reach a certain age, I guess they're more sensitive to sounds.

Mary said...

Precious picture of Colton touching Hunter in the high chair..what a face she has! Love them!!

Caitlin said...

Caitlin used to be afraid of the vacuum too! I used to carry her in the baby bjorn while vacuuming and she'd fall asleep. Then she went through the terrified stage where she would crawl away quickly to get away from it. Now she is in the stage where she wants to help do the vacuuming. Love the pictures of them touching the vacuum because we had Caitlin do the same!

Anonymous said...

I love all the pics...Thanks for your thoughts and prayers about Dominicks surgery. I will keep you posted. I promise Coltons palette wont be that bad. We have strong little guys and remember it hurts us more than it hurts them...I would love to meet you and the babies soon! So lets get on it! BTW, My oldest use to hate the vacuum too! SOOOOO NORMAL!

Jenny said...

Hey Ami! Love the bathtub pics. Although I have been a follower of your blog the whole time, I now am an official follower! I have to keep a blog as a trainer for the gym, so I am in the blogspot world. I'm gonna have to take lessons from you- seriously! :)

Jen said...

Oh how I wish I could see them in action. I miss those precious faces. Can't believe how big everyone is getting!

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