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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Throughout my pregnancy, I relied heavily on those around me for support and encouragement. One friend in particular, who I am very sad to say has moved to Iowa, had her own way of offering encouragement. One by one, she started sending me poems that she had written for me, for the babies, for strength, etc. I had always planned to put them in my babies' baby books, but today, I brushed past one that I keep on the refrigerator and it fell to the ground....it was as if it were saying to me, "PUT ME ON THE BLOG..." So I went back through my emails and found as many as I could to share with you all. So Jen Corbelli, I thank you for these. For taking the time, for caring enough, and for being such a good friend. I miss you.

(This one was written during the many weeks we were supposed to be deciding whether we would keep all three babies or reduce our pregnancy to twins....)

Within you find strength, courage and hope,
Overwhelming emotions you have learned to cope.
Within there is questions, fear and doubt,
Only more worries you could live without.
Within you see hope and light,
only to turn the corner with no end in sight.
Within there is love no question of strength,
it is timeless and has no length.
Within are questions and so many turns,
the heart tugs and struggles with which way to turn.
Within is an answer to be proven true,
the answer of love will prevail and come through.
Within there are tests of which you will cross,
no matter the decision it will be of no loss.
Within you is clarity and yet some fear,
hold true your deepest love which always runs clear.
Within you is peace, and what way you should go,
know that hope shall follow where ever you may go.
Love you~

Safely sleep the Bunches Three,
Not quite ready for the world to see.
Eating, growing, and eating some more.
Three little ones we all adore.
A, B and C for now we will be,
For our new names we will have to wait and see!
Blessings shower us from above,
Mom & Dad's love fill our hearts with love.
Mom's heartbeat, a lullaby for three,
Our cozy little home to be rocked to sleep.
Working real hard on getting strong,
All the prayers help us along.
Couldn't ask for a better Mom-to-be,
To take care of and love the Bunches Three!

~Jen Corbelli

(This one was written when I passed the first trimester and we "graduated" from Dr. Gelety's office)
Pomp and circumstance,
In 19 years we'll have our chance.
A graduation of greater means,
Has Mom and Dad's love busting at the seems,
12 weeks we've flown with flying colors,
Our degrees are like no others.
No books, tests, or proving skill,
Just growing daily with all our will.
Millimeter, centimeter, and now by inch,
This getting bigger thing is such a cinch!
A, B, C on their graduation,
we wish you a triumphant

(This one followed the exciting news that we were having 3 boys!)
Oh Boy!
Three boys did you say? Did I hear that just right?
Were all their willy’s in plain sight?
Who would have thought all boys of three,
Of course it was only mom who knew indeed!
Bouncing baby boys in triplets they come,
Oh boy, can you imagine the fun?!
Three bitty boys are on their way,
Right now just swimming all day.
Boys and toys the perfect pair,
Big wheels and trucks they all will share.
One doctor, one lawyer, one hunter for dad,
No matter what they choose both parents will be glad.
Three boys will be showing up soon,
Mom & Dad are decorating their room.
Plaids, stripes and names on the wall.
No longer A, B, and C you will have to call.
Colton, Ethan Hunter too,
The world can’t wait to welcome you!

(And....of course, not too long after, we learned that in fact, there was a GIRL in the bunch!)
Hold up wait a minute,
Put a little princess in it!
You boys aren’t the only ones in town,
I’m the new girl who wears the crown.
You fellas better make some way,
For when I debut I’ll steal the day!
Ok so maybe you’re important too,
But I’ll make dad melt like goo.
No doubt I will be just like mom,
Sweet, innocent and quite the bomb!
So I waited to make it known,
My parents minds I must have blown!
Don’t you worry or you fret,
This princess you will never forget!

Thank you so much for the poems and the memories, Jen! You are too good to me... :)


Mary said...

Jen is an amazing writer and friend! I wish I could write like that : )

Fisher Family said...

Thanks for sharing those Ami! Jen did an amazing job- what a special treasure to have; both as a friend and her poems!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's just about all I can say. Wow.

Faith said...

Those poems were great and got me choked up (must be MY pregnancy hormones). It is so nice that you can look back at these poems and remember what an amazing journey you have been on.

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