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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Future Lawyers of America...THEN and NOW

THEN....1 month old and tiny, tiny, tiny. This was the first time they visited my dad's law firm and meet all the people in the office! I cannot believe how little they are! My gosh, where does the time go?? If these look familiar, it's because they were in an earlier blog!

AND THIS IS NOW....practically 8 months old!) Chunky, chunky and kinda chunky :) This is their second visit to the law firm! This visit was much more entertaining because the babies are so lively now! This time, they could actually sit ON the table and grab everything in sight. I've learned that my children love candles. (See all the pretty candles on the table?)
L to R: Kari and Colton, Auntie Valerie, Auntie Kim and Ethan, Mom and Hunter, Dad
Auntie Val , Auntie Kim and Colton
Auntie Kim and Ethan (who is struggling to stay awake...)
As you can plainly see. :)
Kari got to feed Colton the first time and this time! He was quite the flirt and she was awesome at using his special bottle!
I kid you not, the minute the Fed Ex guy came by to say hi, Hunter immediately struck her "flirtatious" pose! Man, she starts young!
Hunter and Grampa

Auntie Val and Colton

1 comment:

Anabelle said...

this was more of a family gathering than a visit to an office :)
Hunter better not be getting too flirtatious with other guys, I have one little boy over here who will get jealous!

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