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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 Little Pumpkin-Pickers...Finally!

This year was the one we've been waiting for for quite a few years! When Brian and I moved back to Tucson from Queen Creek, he became good friends with Dave Hopkins, another guy on his then squad. Therefore, I became friends with his wife Denise and their kids, Seth and Joshua. For the past few years, it had become a tradition for us to all go to the pumpkin patch together, right around Halloween. The first year we went, in 2007, I was so excited to FINALLY be pregnant!! It had, as you well know by now, been a hard road to pregnancy. So this picture was our first picture in the pumpkin patch. Sadly, this pregnancy ended shortly after in a miscarriage. :(

October 2007

The next year rolled around and it was very "de ja vu" like...there we were standing in the pumpkin patch, and there I was again, Pregnant. Except this time, I was pregnant with Triplets (hence, the 3 pumpkins we are holding). :) As you might well imagine, I was leery about a repeat tragedy...and already imagining that I'd be standing in this same pumpkin patch the next year, pregnant again.
Pregnant with Triplets
But, you all know how the story ended...with the HAPPIEST ENDING! Here we are this year standing in the pumpkin patch WITH our 3 little pumpkin-picking blessings! What a sight that was! I don't care how difficult it was getting them here and getting onto the tractor, and into the hot pumpkin patch, it was all we had waited for and therefore worth every moment!
Finally WITH our 6 and 1/2 month old triplets!
The Hopkins Family
L to R: Joshua, Dave, Seth, Denise
This is how you get 2 strollers and a wheel chair onto the tractor!
Mom and Colton...he's wondering why we're moving and he's not safely strapped into his carseat!

Why do I love this picture so much??
And this one...
Brian insisted I was crazy to try and take our pictures with all 3 babies! I agreed that I might in fact, be crazy but that wasn't going to stop me :)
Yes folks, this is Brian's FIRST picture with all 3 of his babies!

Ethan, Hunter, Colton & Dad

This picture cracks me up...Colton looks like he's up to no good!

Mama and her boys

Our family

We try to be very mindful of taking an equal number of photos with each baby so that years from now, no one will come crying accusing us of photography neglect! So we made sure to get photos with each baby!
Dad and Colton
Dad and Princess Hunter
Dad and Ethan

Mom and Ethan

Mom and Colton

The girls...Mom and Hunter
And oh how I love THIS picture!

These are the pumpkins we picked this year!

Me and my Hubby!

Proud Colton and his pumpkin

Proud Ethan and HIS pumpkin
Hunter was too busy eating her toes to care about HER pumpkin!

Farmer Ethan
Farmer Colton

Farmer Hunter

Having lunch...and a pacifier

and a nap...
Joshua and Dave

Seth and Denise
Colton wants water instead of formula!

Checking Daddy's teeth for cavities :)

Tired and ready to go home!

See you next year, Pumpkin Patch!


Nicole said...

taking abilities. I will have to learn from you! It looks like you guys had a blast! We went and it was WAY too hot! Love the pictures and the Hopkins look great! Tell them I said hello!

Nicole said...

The frist part didn't print! It was supposed to say....
TOO CUTE! I am way jealous of your picture taking abilities....

kershner3 said...

Beautiful pictures...beautiful blessed family:)

Jen said...

What a journey you have taken to arrive at such bliss. Those are the best pictures EVER! Sometimes it still seems surreal that you have three beautiful babies. You are amazing parents and those kiddos don't know how lucky they are! We'll be heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend, if weather permits, with my family from Scottsdale. I just love this time of year!

caddevittcad said...

You are truely amazing!!!! Great pictures, and ty both for sharing a huge part of your life. The pictures are just simply fantastic!!

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