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Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trippin' with the Bunchkins!

Sooo, every now and again, I like to pat myself on the back for actually making it out of the house quite regularly with all 3 babies...you know, to Target, Starbucks, the Mall, the Zoo, etc. I mean seriously, it's quite a feat as any of you who've had to come with me know! But we still hadn't ventured too far from the house. There's just something comforting about knowing that no matter where you are in Tucson, should an emergency arise, you can make it home pretty quick! But-half our family doesn't LIVE in Tucson, so we really needed to teach the babies how the big kids roll....and take a road trip to the Phoenix area to visit the other relatives! So we packed up everything we could possibly need for a day in Phoenix (and frankly everything we might need should we happen to find ourselves on a jungle safari or wilderness survival outing...what can I say? Isn't it better to be OVER prepared?)

So after packing the babies into the car, doing a head count (kinda feels like that scene in 'Home Alone' where they're getting ready to go to France or wherever and they have to count kids...) Hopefully none of the Bunchkins ever find themselves like little Macauly Culkin....) And yes, as you look to the pictures below, you might find yourselves thinking, "Hmm...Colton's healing from surgery seems to have regressed....worry not, my friends, I assure you, his healing is going extremely well...this adventure took place the weekend before his surgery! My timeliness in blogging is what has regressed!

Anyhoo...this is Gramma and Grampa Bunch with the Bunchkins! They are of course always excited to see their favorite grandchildren. (Currently, they are their only grandchildren, so I'm allowed to say that!) :) And the babies love seeing them just as much!

And this is their beautiful Auntie Kristen whom they love SOOOoo much!
Look again...it's not Hunter! It's me and our newest tiny cousin, Chloe, who is about 2 months younger than the Bunchkins! This was our first time meeting her and boy, is she a doll! Babies are so fun!

So how do you accomodate 4 babies and a toddler? Like this! Swings, bouncy seats, blankets, toys, you name it! Such fun for the babies!

This is Alexa, our adorable little, "big girl" cousin. If Hunter grows up to be anything like her, we will be so lucky! She is an absolute doll!
The big girl cousins with the little cousins....Left to right: Bethany with her new daughter, Chloe; Kristen with Colton, Alexa (Audrey's daughter), Me with Hunter and Audrey with Ethan! Ahh, what fun!
And this is Great Grandma Cecile who came all the way down from Page, AZ to meet the Bunchkins! I think it's so wonderful that our babies will have been born and still had 3 Great Grandmas alive and well! What memories they will have! So now they've met Great Grandma Russo, and Great Grandma Cecile, so there's just one Great Grandma left to meet...Grandma Daniels....we can't wait to meet you! (Great Grandpa Daniels, we can't wait to meet you too!)
Great Grandma Cecile and Colton
Great Grandma and Ethan

Left to Right: Grampa Bunch & Hunter, Great Grandma Cecil and Colton, Brian and Ethan
4 Generations!

Say "Cheese"!

Who doesn't love baby feet? Especially 6 of them??

Colton....oh how I miss that smile :)
Hunter....such the peanut

Ethan...the happy camper :)

Watching them together is the most fun ever! Now that they're starting to realize that they are not individually the only ones who exist in this world and actually notice each other, it's such fun! They are so sweet!
So...the Road Trip ended with another head count, a stop for a hot fudge sundae in Florence, 2 sleeping boys , one screaming girl and a partridge in a pear tree....just kidding. Hunter only screamed the last 30 minutes or so. All in all, the babies love traveling and we can chalk their first road trip up as a success! Next stop....Albuquerque, NM! :)


Anabelle said...

The best part of the blog was the last sentence... ABQ, NM!! Yay! I can't wait to see those adorable little babies again. They don't look quite as small anymore though. I miss them so much :)

Nicole said...

Looks like you have everything under control... I knew you could handle all this- you rock! I love the great- grandma pics- priceless

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