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Saturday, April 11, 2009

HOPPY Easter from the Bunch Bunnies!

Wishing you and yours a very HOPPY Easter from the Bunch Bunnies and their crazy parents! Seriously, we have left our newborn babies with no dignity...But my gosh, are they cute or WHAT?? :) Once again, a BIG thank you to Nurse Lori for allowing us to cause a fiasco in the NICU just for the sake of our photo addiction! And another thank you to Gramma Debi for the Easter Onesies, which, if you can't read them, say "Colton Bunny", "Hunter Bunny" and "Ethan Bunny." And finally, thank you to Paula H. for the Easter bunny ears! They could not have fit more perfectly! What a fun way to spend Easter! We love them!

Our first family picture EVER!

The Bunch Bunnies...Colton, Hunter, EthanCOLTON Bunny



Colton, Hunter & Ethan

And on to our 2nd outfits...Ethan, Hunter and Colton

Hunter lovin' on her yellow bunny! These photos were taken by their Nurse Lori, and given to Brian and me in an album as a surprise for our first Easter with Babies! She even got her this dress for the occasion! Thank you so much to Lori for this wonderful Easter Surprise!

Colton snuggling the bunny!

Ethan sleeping with the bunny!

Brian, Jen Borquez (Baxter), Anabelle and I decided to dye Easter Eggs! These are the eggs we made for the babies!

Brian is positively thrilled with his egg-dying skills...Umm, can we all please look at the next picture, of his green egg. Apparently, he just drew lines on it. Creative. Really. I'm so proud...


Anonymous said...

Finally you update this thing!! (JK) OMG!! I think those are the cutest Easter pics I have EVER seen. I love Hunter's smile! And the boys couldn't look more content!! The first Bunch family picture is awesome. You look so great Ami!! Bailey is, not so, patiently waiting to see you and those babies! Can't wait to see you all!
Jenn Wright

kershner3 said...

They are growing so fast! They look absolutely adorable! What a beautiful first family photo!

Adam and Samantha said...

What cute little outfits, love the bunny ears!! That one of Hunter smiling is adorable! Everyone looks great, including you! Keep those pictures coming!!

Rowan said...

Great photos Ami. I love the one of the kids cuddling with the bunny. Hunter's smile is heart melting....totally adorable. And I'd like to compliment Brian on his sweet egg dying skills.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful babies! You are blessed! Cherish every little precious moment, they grow so fast. You look great and remember to take deep breaths. The most important thing is the babies and you and your husband. Love and hugs from all over....

Shauna Okongo said...

I love the family photo!! Those babies look just about ready to go home. How much longer in the NICU? Y'all look fantastic!! I have 3 and a half more weeks till due date, so I am definitely in count down mode! Maybe I'll get to run into you again sometime at the hospital!
Shauna Okongo

The Kemps said...

What a beautiful family picture!! Your children are adorable.

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