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Friday, April 3, 2009

All About Hunter!

Hunter Olivia
*Currently weighs about 3 lbs. 2 oz. (she weighed that at birth, but lost several ounces and then went back up!)
* She is the tiny one of the Bunch Clan for sure!
*She required treatment under the Billirubin lights for just a few days.
* She never needed a respirator.
*No longer requires a CPAP mask (continuous positive air pressure) or any other oxygen.
*She has a PICC line inserted in her arm. (It's a fancy catheter that allows her to receive nutrients and such for a more extended period of time than a regular IV.) It's because she's so little.
*Her PICC line will likely come out on Monday April 6th. Hooray!
*She is still in her Isolette/Incubator but they're talking about moving her to her "Big Girl Bucket" very soon!
*She receives her food through her feeding tube, but is also learning how to breastfeed now! She is the most natural at it! (That's my girl!)
*She LOVES her feet! If they aren't swaddled, they are STRAIGHT up in the air!
*She has the most beautiful, big, bright eyes and when she's awake, she's SUPER alert!
*She loves to sleep
*She sounds like a mouse when she fusses. Brian calls her his "little squeak mouse."

This is Hunter with her Daddy

Do you see those big, bright, alert eyes??

These are my feet! I love my feet!
This picture makes me think of the song, "Daddy's Hands..." Practicing her movie star pose, while soaking up the rays of the Billirubin lights
Sleeping soundly....

1 comment:

Christina said...

MAN! Hunter is a little cutie...I can't wait to see her. love,christina(joey's sister)

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